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The Red Balloon – Puppet Theatre Barge, London

Inspired by: Albert Lamorisse Directors: Rob Humphreys and Kate Middleton Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Puppetry has grown up and it’s no longer just for children. London is beginning to see a new wave of animated stories with themes and emotional resonances that are equally aimed at tugging the heartstrings of grown-ups as entertaining younger members of the family. The Red Balloon, ...

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KEVIN!!!!! – The PIT (People’s Improv Theatre), New York

Writer: Recent Cutbacks Music:  Kelsey Didion Director: Kristin McCarthy Parker Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos Recent Cutbacks brings an hilarious, innovative parody of Home Alone which is anything but what the French would call les incompetents. It transforms The PIT’s Striker Main Stage into a middle-class Chicago home, and then, within that, a miniature version of the same, in which puppets act ...

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Nina  Conti: In Your Face – Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

nina conti in your face edinburgh festival theatre

Reviewer: S.E. Webster One woman. One monkey. One guitar. One black sack. One long clothes rail, hanging from which are a variety of half face masks, all thoroughly grotesque in shape and size. Two chairs. One flipchart. Last, and in this case by no means least, one packed theatre of people hungry for a night of improvised comedy. Cue Nina ...

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Blacktop Highway – Dixon Place, New York City

(Blacktop Highway) (press photo) (Dixon Place) (c)Rafael Hernandez

Writer: John Fleck Director: Randee Trabitz Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Performance artist and actor of NEA Four fame, John Fleck, brings his solo show to Dixon Place from Los Angeles. Blacktop Highway brings the gothic American horror film to the stage with a John Waters-inspired edge. The grotesque and surreal drive the action of this compelling experience. Calling itself out for being ...

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Blossom – Dixon Place, New York

press image - Blossom

Writer: Spencer Lott Director: Spencer Lott Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers There’s something about puppets, particularly puppets that look human. In the hands of a talented puppeteer and before a believing audience, the puppet takes on its own life, and it's the life of Alzheimer’s patient James Blossom that is enthralling audiences at Dixon Place this month. James might be a small ...

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BenDeLaCreme’s Inferno A-Go-Go – Laurie Beechman Theatre, New York

Inferno A-Go-Go image

Writer: BenDeLaCreme Director: BenDeLaCreme Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers During her time on RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag superstar BenDeLaCreme described herself as “terminally delightful.” In her latest solo show, Inferno A Go-Go! at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, LaCreme kills the audience with her signature kindness and then positions herself as the best tour guide anyone could hope for through the fiery afterlife. ...

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Who Mourns for Bob the Goon? – HERE Arts Center, New York

Jolyn Carpenter, John Carhart, and Phillip Christian_Photo by Steven Pisano

Writer: Joshua Young Director: Lucia Bellini Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Reality and comic book fantasy blur into one another in Joshua Young’s Who Mourns for Bob the Goon?, as a group of people who believe they are third-tier comic book characters meet for their support group. Helmed by Lucia Bellini, this production aspires to heroic brilliance but fails to save itself ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Improbable and Blind Summit – Animo

Director: Lee Simpson Venue: The Theatre Tent Reviewer: Nicole Evans Friday afternoon in The Theatre Tent sees Improbable and Blind Summit collaborate for an intriguing sounding improvised puppetry performance 'like no other'. Animo has no set, no script and no real idea what will happen. Sadly this is where they went wrong... It starts with promise, with the first sketch ...

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