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Gandini Juggling: Sigma – The Lowry, Salford

Director: Sean Gandini Reviewer: Jay Nuttall Last seen at The Lowry with Smashed, a piece about lost love and quaint afternoon tea, Gandini Juggling return with another one of their many shows. Sigma was developed and showcased at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival and has become part of the company’s repertoire of shows that tour around the world. Gandini Juggling has been ...

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Hero’s House – Dixon Place, New York

[Heros House] [Dixon Place, NYC] (c)Peter Yesley

Hero’s House – Dixon Place, New York Writer: Lake Simons Director: Lake Simons & Matt Acheson Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Making its current home at Dixon Place on the Lower East Side, Lake Simon’s Hero’s House explores the meaning of home and shelter through movement theatre, puppetry and music. This ensemble piece is an exercise in joyous exploration. The sense of ...

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No Show – The Lowry, Salford

Writer/Director: Ellie Dubois Reviewer: Sam Lowe It's time to go to the circus. Or, is it? This is no ordinary circus; the show title is no ordinary title. No Show unpacks what hides behind all the showmanship. It's not all glitz and glamour. There will be blood, sweat, and tears. We will witness the performers pushing themselves in the art ...

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Finding Joy – mac, Birmingham

Writer and Director: Rachael Savage Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Joy is 83. She loves to dance, has a wicked sense of humour, knows what she wants … and is suffering from dementia. Her daughter is struggling to care for her. Danny, Joy’s grandson, a typical teen, hangs around street corners with his mates, watches the football and enjoys the occasional spliff. Then one ...

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Beyond Belief – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Devised by Tmesis Theatre and Chris Fittock Director: Elinor Randle Reviewer: Abbie Rippon Do our souls live on after we have passed? What constitutes a soul? After we lose someone, what would happen if we could keep their soul in a microchip? In a world where our souls are bared online, Beyond Belief explores the potential of our existence continuing after ...

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Magdalena—TheaterLab, New York

[Magdalena] [TheaterLab, NYC] (c)Kevin Yatarola

Writer: Gabri Christa Director: Erwin Maas Reviewer: Carrie Lee O’Dell TheatreLab started its Fall 2018 season, Homecoming, on September 12 with Gabri Christa’s solo performance piece Magdalena, directed by Erwin Maas with design and dramaturgy by Guy de Lancey. The performance uses dance, film, and storytelling to examine the life of Christa’s aging mother (the titular Magdalena) and her struggle ...

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beep boop – HERE Arts Center, New York

[beep boop] [HERE Arts Center, NYC] (c)Jeremy Daniel

Writer: Richard Saudek Director: Wes Grantom Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Before any given theatrical performance, one can spot several patrons with their mobile devices out (and on infuriatingly but blessedly rare occasions, some audience members use their devices during performances, but that is another matter altogether). Screens illuminate faces in the house, with theatregoers sending off texts to cement post-show plans, ...

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