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Decoder: The Ticket that Exploded – Pioneer Works, New York City

Source Text: William S. Burroughs Directed & Conceived: Mallory Catlett Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers The pedigree behind Mallory Catlett’s Decoder: The Ticket that Exploded is vastly impressive.  With support from Gibney Dance and Theatre Conspiracy, Stony Brook University, CultureHub, Playwrights Theatre Center, Mabou Mines, the Collapsable Hole, and the Watermill Center (via the National Endowment for the Arts), this is the ...

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Drift – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Peter Jacobs Drift is a Manchester-based collaborative collective bringing together Test Card, VAM and Meraki Collective that brings together local artists working in music, movement, performance, spoken word and digital art (mostly) to create opportunities to create and present multi-disciplinary mixed-genre events in a variety of platforms. Drift is several tranches Manchester’s underground arts scene getting organised and making ...

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SOUNDSTAGE – HERE Arts Center, New York

(SOUNDSTAGE) (HERE Arts Center, NYC) (c)Paula Court

Writer: Jason Napoli Brooks & Rob Roth Director: Rob Roth Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Rob Roth’s newest piece, SOUNDSTAGE at HERE Arts Center, is a complex fifty-five minutes. Utilizing live action, film, and live camera projection, the piece explores ritual, loneliness, loss, and chemical dependency. A camera on a track manipulated by black clad figures moving in the Butoh style reinforces focal ...

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beep boop – HERE Arts Center, New York

[beep boop] [HERE Arts Center, NYC] (c)Jeremy Daniel

Writer: Richard Saudek Director: Wes Grantom Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Before any given theatrical performance, one can spot several patrons with their mobile devices out (and on infuriatingly but blessedly rare occasions, some audience members use their devices during performances, but that is another matter altogether). Screens illuminate faces in the house, with theatregoers sending off texts to cement post-show plans, ...

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INTERVIEW: Adrienne Truscott’s ‘One-Trick Pony (Or Andy Kaufman Is A Feminist Performance Artist and I’m a Comedian)’

(Adrienne Truscott) (A One-Trick Pony) (Joe's Pub, NYC) (c)Allison Michael Orenstein

Adrienne Truscott talks to editor Jamie Rosler at The Reviews Hub USA about her limited run performance of A One-Trick Pony, a new show tackling and wrestling (literally wrestling) the question of whose material is whose. - Thank you for sitting down with me again, especially now that I'm the enemy! You're no stranger to critical responses of all stripes. Do you ...

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Sounds & Sorcery: Celebrating Fantasia – The Vaults, London

Director: Daisy Evans Reviewer: Hannah Powell Disney and theatre fans alike have begun to flock to The Vaults to catch a glimpse of their latest immersive creation; Sounds & Sorcery: Celebrating Fantasia. An event that promises to be a “completely immersive sound and visual extravaganza” allowing you to create your own path through the underground tunnels. Using cutting-edge binaural sound, audio ...

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LIFT 2018: Fly By Night – Crossness Pumping Station, London

Deviser: Duke Riley Reviewer: Scott Matthewman As the audience takes their seats in the open air beneath a near-cloudless summer sunset, several of the cast emerge to give a preview of the show ahead. Normally, this can be a fraught time: the threat of interaction, of enforced jollity, can ruin rather than enhance the show to come. Not in this case. ...

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Natalie Inside Out – The Lowry, Salford 

Reviewer: Peter Jacobs Natalie Inside Out is a collaboration between hand-balancer Natalie Reckert and digital artist – and former circus artist – Mark Morreau. The show builds on the circus skills of Reckert and investigates and illuminates them using digital technologies, examining the relationship between the body as performance and reality, teasing at the seams where live acrobatics, film and digital ...

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