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PRODUCTION DIARY: Colin Hurley on rehearsing dreamplay

In our second diary from the rehearsal room of dreamplay, actor Colin Hurley takes us on an actors journey into the rehearsal process.   “Just say yes…” Was my response to being asked if Iwas really going to use a Sainsbury’s shopping bag as a bathtub. I feel that comment sums up the feel of the room so far in ...

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PRODUCTION DIARY: Sarah Bedi on rules of engagement for dreamplay

In the first of a regular series taking us behind the rehearsal room door, writer and director Sarah Bedi shares her thoughts on creating the complex world of dreamplay, opening in September at The Vaults in London. Day two of rehearsals for dreamplay. Day two of playing, experimenting and feeling our way towards a complex dream-world that already feels endlessly ...

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OPINION: Lunch Time Before Crunch Time

The venues may have been returned to their normal, year-round, use. The flyers all handed out and the performers enjoying a post-festival relax but the impact of Brighton Fringe still rolls on. The naughty boys behind Brighton Fringe hit Thunderflop, Zach Zucker, Viggo Venn and Jonny Woolley, finally put pen to paper to share their experience of their first visit ...

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OPINION: Sarah Emmott on how ADHD has shaped her career.

Publicity Image for Art witH Heart's Declaration

Sarah Emmott from Art with Heart talks about the reason behind making Declaration– a newpiece of theatre which explores gaining an ADHD diagnosis as an adult and has been developed as part of The Lowry’s “Developed with” programme of work. I was always the first one through the drama classroom door, and the first to be sent out. I was ...

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OPINION: Let’s not do the timewarp again

Media Signpost

The way we consume information is changing rapidly but for some sectors of the arts, the change seems to be something they are defiantly refusing to acknowledge. As the debate about online media coverage of the arts continues, The Reviews Hub’s Deputy Executive Editor, Glen Pearce, asks if it is time to end the two class system and look at ...

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OPINION: Regional theatre IS worthy of critical attention

Theatr Clwyd at Night

By John Roberts This weekThe Stage’schief theatre critic ventured outside of the London boundaries and stepped into the borders of North Wales – only because, by his own admission, he was in the “region” giving a talk at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Upon seeing Theatre Clwyd’s production ofCat on a Hot Tin Roof– he wentonto Twitterto announce that ...

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OPINION: Waking the Feminists vs Waking the Nation

On 28 October 2015, the Abbey Theatre, Ireland’s national theatre, released details of its programme for 2016 entitled Waking the Nation. This programme is a commemorative one – 2016 marks 100 years since the 1916 Rising, a seminal event in Irish history that inevitably led to the establishment of an independent Irish state. The Abbey Theatre’s programme of events for ...

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OPINION: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – Bringing the Black Dog to heel

Saturday, 10 October 2015 was World Mental Health Day, with their hook for the year being ‘Dignity in Mental Health’. Facebook and Twitter were full of hashtags of people supporting the ‘day’ and indeed the ‘cause’. It was with great pride that I read some statuses and posts from our students/ambassadors, eloquently writing about their own struggles, but also writing ...

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