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The Psychic Project – The Vaults, London

Performer: David Narayan Reviewer: Richard Maguire Billed as a mind-reading show, The Psychic Project initially ran for just an hour. In its newest iteration at The Vaults in London it probably still lasts an hour, but with a 20-minute delay to proceedings and then an interval coming in after only 30 minutes, the show extends over two hours. Perhaps it ...

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Pete Firman: Marvels – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Dave Cunningham Pete Firman professes to be a student as well as a practitioner of magic. This approach gives him the chance to put his own spin on established tricks, such as the ‘dancing table’ standard, and to pay tribute to his influences. In a charming move during Marvels, Firman performs a trick attributed to his uncle who, he claims, ...

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Das Fest  – Vault Festival, London

Writer: Philipp Oberlohr Director: Margot Newkirk Grambow Reviewer: Richard Maguire There’s something for everybody at this year’s Vault Festival taking place under the arches at Waterloo: theatre, comedy, cabaret, music and dance.  Unfortunately, Das Fest, a mindreading show from Austria doesn’t seem to be for anybody.  Das Fest translates as The Party, but it’s not a party you’d want to ...

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Aaron Calvert: Awaken – La Belle Angele, Edinburgh

black and white image of aaron calvert

Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys The lure of the stage rather than the stethoscope has led trained doctor Aaron Calvert to Edinburgh for his second stint at the Fringe. Inspired as a child by feats of human strength and the US Intelligence services’ selection process, Calvert presents a combination of psychology, hypnosis and ‘telepathy’ in Awaken. Calvert’s show isn’t exactly treading new ground. ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Griffin & Jones: Slapdash Magic – Sweet Waterfront 2

Writers and performers: Griffin & Jones Reviewer: Glen Pearce In a crowded marketplace, it takes something special to make magicians stand out from the crowd. For every show-stopping Derren Brown there is a plethora of wannabe slight of hand artists that merge into one. Not so Griffin and Jones, self confessed pioneers of slapdash magic. While the duo may eschew ...

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Jamie Raven – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Matt Forrest Losing out to a three-legged dog in what is essentially a seaside talent show that just happens to be broadcast on television. That’s the story of Jamie Raven: a magician and illusionist who wowed audiences in the 2015 series of Britain’s Got Talent, only to be gazumped in the final by Matisse the Dog, whose owner rather ...

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Morgan and West: Parlour Tricks – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Harriet Mallion From the very second the doors open Mr Morgan and Mr West welcome you warmly into their parlour. A pair of marvellous time-travelling magicians, spectacular showmen, and certainly the “spiffing chaps” they claim to be. Parlour Tricks is a delight to audiences of all ages and truly does offer something for everyone. Rhys Morgan and Robert West lead the ...

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The Naked Magicians -Trafalgar Studios, London

Performers: Christopher Wayne &Mike Tyler Reviewer: Scott Matthewman What’s the best way for a conjurer to show an audience that you’ve got nothing up your sleeves? One solution: lose the sleeves. Australian duo Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler promise to take the concept to its extreme, by shedding all their clothes. And while they do eventually get naked, for most ...

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