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Dublin Theatre Festival

DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Book Burning – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Creators: Pieter De Buysser &Hans Op de Beeck Reviewer: Ciara Murphy The audience’s curiosity is piqued as soon as they begin to take their seats. Dominating the vast black box space there is a giant trunk, and nothing else. As the lights remain on the audience and a tension building piece of music begins to play, the audience are anxious ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Jack Charles V The Crown – Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin

Writers: Jack Charles and John Romeril Director: Rachael Maza Musical Director: Nigel Maclean Reviewer: Sophie Everton Ryan Australian Theatre Company ILBIJERRI brings Jack Charles’ life to its rightful place, the stage. This seventy-five minute performance combines the past and present to showcase Charles’ life from being placed in a boys’ home for his entire youth to his illustrious career as ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Spring Awakening – Axis Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Frank Wedekind Director: Gyorgy Vidovszky Translator: Francis J. Ziegler The Dublin Youth Theatre return to the Dublin Theatre Festival with Frank Wedekind’s controversial play,Spring Awakening. Written by Wedekind in the late 1800’s,Spring Awakening illuminates the disdain that Wedekind felt for the level of sexual oppressiveness present in German society at the time. Dealing with issues of rape, suicide, homosexuality ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy – The Ark, Dublin

Writer: Finegan Kruckemeyer Director: Andy Packer Reviewer: Monica Insinga Every year the Family Season of the Dublin Theatre Festival brings us some unexpected gem, and this year is no exception. Among a number of Australian productions, which are part of the international programme of the Festival, the Ark opens its doors to Slingsby Theatre Company’s multi-award winning production of The ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Spinning – Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Deirdre Kinahan Director: Jim Culleton Reviewer: Megan W. Minogue In the post-show discussion, playwright Deirdre Kinahan described her latest play, Spinning, as being about an ‘old fashioned Irish man living in a contemporary world.’ Conor (Karl Shiels) is the man at the centre of the play, and his character’s descent, spinning out of control after one impulse decision, is ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Bailegangaire – The Olympia Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Tom Murphy Director: Garry Hynes Reviewer: Monica Insinga The return of Druid to the Dublin Theatre Festival with two companion pieces by Tom Murphy, Brigit and Bailegangaire continues with the second pieceBailegangaire on The Olympia Theatre stage. As soon as the play starts and the lights frame the figure of Marie Mullen’s Mommo sitting in her bed at the ...

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