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Nigel Slater’s Toast – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Henry Filloux-Bennett Director and choreographer: Jonnie Riordan Reviewer: Stephen Bates Back in the days when Michelin stars were a thing of the future for the UK and Fanny Craddock was teaching the nation to cook, a 12-year-old Nigel Slater was learning his craft by helping his Mum to make jam tarts and mince pies in her Wolverhampton kitchen. Now ...

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Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year & Stiles and Drewe Prize 2018 – Savoy Theatre, London

Director: Chris Hocking Musical Director: Mark Etherington Reviewer: Scott Matthewman When first approached to see if he would give his permission to a student competition that used his songs, Stephen Sondheim insisted that any such event also include new writing. When asked why he’d given such a proviso, he replied, “Why wouldn’t I?” And indeed, based on the tremendous success ...

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The Crucible – Curve Theatre, Leicester

Writer: Arthur Miller Director: Siobhán Cannon-Brownlie Reviewer: David Robinson Arthur Miller’s ground-breaking and formative work is still seen by many as a seminal piece on the seventeenth-century witch trials in and around Salem Massachusetts. The setting may well be the USA in 1692 but Miller’s influence was the McCarthy trials of the 1950’s. This co-production between The Curve and De ...

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Cats – Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber Director/Choreographer: Chrissie Cartwright Reviewer: Alice Fowler The moon hangs over a junkyard set and luminous green eyes glint from all sides. We can only be at Cats: back and brought to exuberant new life by the Guildford School of Acting. This is a high calibre production, performed by graduating musical theatre students who would give any ...

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Morgan Stern – C Primo, Edinburgh

man in top hat with two fish

Writer: Gina Schien Director: Goldele Rayment Reviewer: Tom Ralphs A man known as The Gent returns from the Georgian era to help Morgan Stern, an Australian schizophrenic. Morgan is never seen. His voice, and the voices he hears, are replayed by The Gent. As The Gent’s own background emerges, you start to wonder whether the play is really set 221 ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: The Stroop Effect – The Warren Studio 3

The Stroop Effect

Devised by the Company Reviewer: Sophie Huggins The Stroop Effect, by definition, is when the reaction time of a task is proven to be interfered with and, in this show, performed by third year acting students from the University Centre Colchester, there is a supposed connection between this famous experiment and their devised show. Beginning with a continuous ticking clock ...

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Crave- The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol.

Writer: Sarah Kane Director: Jessica Rose McVay Reviewer: Kris Hallett There have been many pretenders over the years but no one has come close to creating the sheer theatrical poetry of Sarah Kane. Taken far too young at the age of 28 her plays first shook and then changed the British theatrical landscape. In studio spaces up and down the ...

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I Am The Wind- Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

Male hovering over a wet beach

Writer: Jon Fosse English Language Version: Simon Stephens Director: Charlotte Marigot Reviewer: Kris Hallett Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse’s I Am The Wind baffled some critics when first presented at the Young Vic in 2011. Viewing it some six years later it’s difficult to understand the reasons for this.  It is basically Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot set on a boat. ...

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