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Gingerline: Chambers – Secret Location, London

Writers: Davy Berryman and Lauren Partridge Reviewer: Ava Eldred Famed for their innovative immersive dining experiences, all taking place in the vicinity of stations on London’s Overground line, Gingerline’s latest instalment, Chambers, is a veritable feast for the senses, and certainly not for the passive experience seeker. The first rule of Gingerline is that participants must not reveal anything about ...

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The Grand Expedition Dining Experience – secret location, London

Creators: Gingerline Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Until 4pm on the day of our visit to Gingerline’s latest theatrical pop-up restaurant, we had no idea where we would be going. When the text arrived with directions, we were hardly any the wiser. Such secrecy is part of the Gingerline ethos. Their latest dining experience, The Grand Expedition, certainly starts with a spirit ...

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From Shore to Shore – Yang Sing, Manchester

Writers: Mary Cooper and MW Sun Director: David K S Tse Reviewer: Harriet Mallion Tucked away in private dining area in the Yang Sing restaurant in Manchester’s vibrant Chinatown you’ll find an intimate temporary theatre dedicated to telling rarely heard stories of migration, and the challenges faced by crossing borders and cultural boundaries in search of a place to call ...

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Shore to Shore – Oriental City Restaurant, Leeds

Writers: Mary Cooper and MW Sun Music: Angela Chan Director: David K S Tse Reviewer: Sue Collier On the Wire presents a unique theatrical experience within a restaurant setting. This play is the result of interviews with a range of Chinese people from the Leeds and West Yorkshire region. It examines issues of identity, gender, human trafficking, domestic violence, racism ...

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The Chef Show – Marsden Mechanics Hall

Writer: Nick Ahad Director: Stefan Escreet Designer: Martin Johns Reviewer: Ron Simpson The Chef Show is almost impossible to rate as a theatre production. It is not the most challenging script or production you will come across, but in its own field it’s a five-star top-of-the-range effort: it is beyond doubt the best “fusion of play and cookery demonstration” this ...

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Faulty Towers: the Dining Experience – Be’st Restaurant, Edinburgh

faulty towers b'est restaurant

Reviewer: Erin Elston Eating at Faulty Towers is most people’s idea of a nightmare. Huddled in the alleyway next to the Be’st Restaurant, trying to escape the flight path of disgruntled pigeons, the assembled audience, ranging from die-hard fans to youngsters who weren't born at the height of the show's success, begin to wonder whether a grave mistake has been ...

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The Wedding Reception – George Hotel, Edinburgh

Writer&Director: Alison Pollard-Mansergh Reviewer: Erin Elston What better way to celebrate a day of nuptial bliss than a wedding reception hosted right in the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe? Will and Kate think their big day is over, but Kate’s parents have other plans. Interactive Theatre International cleverly bring those moments which are so ‘normal’ in family weddings, and make ...

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