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Russell Kane: Right Man, Wrong Age Tour – The Lowry, Salford

Comedian Russell Kane

Reviewer: Lauren Maughan Russell Kane’s latest stand-up show is classic Kane. It’s funny, hyperactive and jam-packed with funny stories and laugh-out-loud gags. But this time, he’s grown-up. Long gone are the Ibiza partying days with the “lads”. Kane is a mature adult. He’s married and has just entered fatherhood. Right Age, Wrong Man takes us through Kane’s early years up ...

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Bad Dad – Ye Old Rose & Crown, London

Writer and Performer: Chris Dingli Reviewer: Deborah Parry Babies don't come with an instruction manual and thank goodness because if they did then Chris Dingli might not have been inspired to create this delightful one-man show about his experiences as a new parent, where the jokes come thick and fast (as does his daughter's vomit, but more about that later). ...

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Craig Campbell: Don’t Look Down – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Dave Cunningham Craig Campbell is described as a storyteller rather than a comedian. Eventually in his new show, Don't Look Down, he gets around to telling some tales but by then it’s getting very late and some people are running for buses and others struggling to shake off apathy and take an interest. Others, however, are full of vigour ...

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Mark Steel: Who Do I Think I Am ?– The Lowry, Salford

Comedian Mark Steel

Reviewer: Dave Cunningham The comedy circuit is becoming congested with comedians using their life experiences as the raw material for their routines. There are shows about dysfunctional families and struggling with physical and mental illness. Mark Steel provides a refreshing perspective on a formula that is becoming over-familiar. Steel has always known that he was adopted and takes the viewpoint ...

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The All-Star Stand-Up Tour – The Lowry, Salford

Peter Firman, Gary Delaney, Jarred Christmas, Sean Hughes in the All Star Stand Up Tour

Reviewer: Lauren Maughan Four times the number of comedians, should equal four times the number of laughs, right? In this case, maybe not. All the ingredients were there for the perfect show: four big comedic names that you would see on the TV, a magician, some props and even a bit of kung-fu fighting. But can all the hype and ...

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My Family (Not The Sitcom) – Menier Chocolate Factory, London

Writer: David Baddiel Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Has social media made us a less permissive society? These days it seems that any tweet or post, however frivolous or ironic could provide a feast for trolls, or as David Baddiel calls them “social justice warriors”, keen to point out some pc transgression. These tools supposedly give every individual a voice but are ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Alice Marshall – Vicious, The Warren

Alice Marshall - Vicious

Writer and Performer: Alice Marshall Reviewer: Paul Couch   Self-styled relationship guru Greta Medina doesn’t take prisoners. When it comes to dealing with your Significant Other – whether they know they hold that position or not – she wants you to shape up or ship out. ”People are arseholes,” she barks, “get used to it.” And indeed, they are, as ...

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Carl Hutchinson: Learning The Ropes – The Lowry Salford

Poster art for Carl Hutchinson: Learning The Ropes

Reviewer: Iain Sykes At the grand old age of twenty eight, Geordie comedian Carl Hutchinson worries that he’s done nothing with his life. Should he depart this earth imminently, his tombstone, he surmises, will consist of merely two life achievements; doing stand up comedy and watching wrestling. After inviting the audience to share their recent proud moments, Carl’s show, Learning ...

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