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Stand Up

Jonny and the Baptists: The End Is Nigh – Bike Shed, Exeter

Jonny Donahoe and Paddy Gervase

Creators: Jonny and the Baptists Reviewer: Christy Ku Ranting about how climate change will end the world, Jonny accidentally made his four-year-old niece cry. In an effort to comfort her, he promised that he and his friend Paddy would fix it, resulting in The End is Nigh. This show follows their previous successful national tours Stop UKIP and Rock the ...

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Tony Jameson: Football Manager Ruined My Life – Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

Stand Up Comedian Tony Jameson

Reviewer: Holly Sharp “This isn’t stand-up, this is a self-help group”. Football Manager, sure, you play it, but are you an addict or an enthusiast? Tony Jameson’s Football Manager Ruined My Life sets out to answer this question, with a fair sprinkle of Cherno Samba worship and Emile Heskey bashing along the way. If you’ve got little-to-no knowledge of Football ...

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Citizen Khan – They All Know Me! – Royal Concert Hall Nottingham

Adil Ray as Citizen Khan

Writer and Director: Adil Ray Reviewer: Phil Lowe It is good to see a large venue like the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall so full for actor Adil Ray's Citizen Khan – They All Know Me! one-man comedy show. It is also great to see a sea of Asian faces among the usual mostly white audience. It seems that Pakistani Citizen ...

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David Morgan: Blammo! – The Lowry, Salford

David Morgan - Blammo!

Reviewer: Dave Cunningham David Morgan likes to keep things light. He is so successful in this approach that his new show Blammo! feels more like gossip than autobiographical or observational comedy. Morgan is an engaging host gleefully chatting one-to-one with the audience about favourite reality television shows or preferred Emojis symbols used on social media. If you are not a ...

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Jeremy Hardy – Oxford Playhouse

Jeremy Hardy on tour

Reviewer: Fergus Morgan “I was genuinely thinking about giving up talking about mainstream politics”, confesses Jeremy Hardy, before shrugging, flapping his arms out and blithely adding, “but then one of my best mates became leader of the Labour Party.” And so the tone for the evening is set. As Hardy himself puts it, this will be “a full and frank, ...

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The All-Star Stand-Up Tour – Town Hall, Birmingham

Peter Firman, Gary Delaney, Jarred Christmas, Sean Hughes in the All Star Stand Up Tour

Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Currently touring the UK, The All-Star Stand-Up Tour features four well-known comedians. Jarred Christmas acts as the evening’s host, warming the audience up for sets from Gary Delaney, Pete Firman and Sean Hughes. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and talent to the stage of Birmingham’s Town Hall, but can they also raise the roof with ...

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Deborah Francis White: Rolls the Dice – The Lowry, Salford

Deborah Francis White

Reviewer: Dave Cunningham A surtitle over the stage advises that Rolls the Dice is a true story: not just ‘comedian’ true but really true. If anything this is an understatement. There is such sincerity in Deborah Francis White’s show that one wonders if stand up comedy is the appropriate genre. It could, with a few tweaks, be changed into a ...

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