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Carl Hutchinson: Learning The Ropes – The Lowry Salford

Poster art for Carl Hutchinson: Learning The Ropes

Reviewer: Iain Sykes At the grand old age of twenty eight, Geordie comedian Carl Hutchinson worries that he’s done nothing with his life. Should he depart this earth imminently, his tombstone, he surmises, will consist of merely two life achievements; doing stand up comedy and watching wrestling. After inviting the audience to share their recent proud moments, Carl’s show, Learning ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Charles Booth: VSOP – The Warren

Writer: Charles Booth Reviewer: Fergus Morgan Comedian Charles Booth’s hour-long show at The Warren presents a brisk menagerie of idiosyncratic characters, from a homosexual fisherman desperately hiding in the closet to a psychotic Scottish flatmate obsessed with soup, with enthusiasm and élan. They’re not all hits – far from it – but there is sparks of wit and imagination throughout, ...

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Sean Lock: Keep It Light – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Donna Kelly Comedian Sean Lock is not known for being especially serious. In fact, it is his cynical but humorous outlook on life that has made him on the one of the UK’s most popular stand-up comedians. In his latest tour Keep It Light, Lock waxes lyrical on everyday subjects such as parenting, old age and immigration. In a ...

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Funmbi Omotayo: Legal Immigrant –The Lowry, Salford

Stand Up Comedian Funmbi Omotayo

Reviewer: Matt Forrest Funmbi Omotayo’s star is certainly in the ascendency: following a spot on The John Bishop Show and a successful stint at last years Edinburgh Fringe festival, he brings his Legal Immigrant stand-up show to The Lowry. With racial tension and the news littered with stories of refugees, few comics will address this rather delicate and touchy subject ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy – Laughing Horse

Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy

  Writer: Jacob Hawley &Jake Farrell Reviewer: Daniel Perks Young person politics are the topic of choice at a comedy showcase this afternoon. In a dingy back room above a, more than likely student frequented, pub, Jake Farrell and Jacob Hawley take to the stage to deliver their 20-minute stand-up sets that revolve around youth, upbringing and a smattering of ...

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Jonny and the Baptists: The End Is Nigh – Bike Shed, Exeter

Jonny Donahoe and Paddy Gervase

Creators: Jonny and the Baptists Reviewer: Christy Ku Ranting about how climate change will end the world, Jonny accidentally made his four-year-old niece cry. In an effort to comfort her, he promised that he and his friend Paddy would fix it, resulting in The End is Nigh. This show follows their previous successful national tours Stop UKIP and Rock the ...

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Tony Jameson: Football Manager Ruined My Life – Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

Stand Up Comedian Tony Jameson

Reviewer: Holly Sharp “This isn’t stand-up, this is a self-help group”. Football Manager, sure, you play it, but are you an addict or an enthusiast? Tony Jameson’s Football Manager Ruined My Life sets out to answer this question, with a fair sprinkle of Cherno Samba worship and Emile Heskey bashing along the way. If you’ve got little-to-no knowledge of Football ...

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Citizen Khan – They All Know Me! – Royal Concert Hall Nottingham

Adil Ray as Citizen Khan

Writer and Director: Adil Ray Reviewer: Phil Lowe It is good to see a large venue like the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall so full for actor Adil Ray's Citizen Khan – They All Know Me! one-man comedy show. It is also great to see a sea of Asian faces among the usual mostly white audience. It seems that Pakistani Citizen ...

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