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Fat Roland: Seven Inch – The Lowry, Salford

Creator: Fat Roland Reviewer: Matt Forrest At The Lowry this evening it was the launch night for Week 53: an annual festival held at The Lowry with performances that include comedy, theatre and dance. Believe you me, this festival will have something for everyone. One of the more intriguing prospects of the festival comes in the form of Fat Roland: Seven ...

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Count Arthur Strong: Is Alive and Unplugged –  The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Matt Forrest Writer and comedian Steve Delany has been performing as his alter ego Count Arthur Strong for well over 20 years now. Despite the Count’s failed attempts to crack the acting world, and his career dying on its arse, this comedic creation seems to go from strength to strength with several radio programmes, his very own BBC sitcom, ...

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Randy Writes a Novel – Theatre Row (The Clurman Theatre), New York

[Randy Writes A Novel] [Theatre Row, NYC] (c)Chris McDonald

Writer: Randy Director: Randy Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Randy is a globetrotting vegan from Australia making headlines with his stand-up comedy. Randy also happens to be a purple puppet, who wrote a novel, that he would very much like to share with New York audiences at Theatre Row. A one-puppet performance, Randy commands the stage for anywhere from seventy to one ...

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Pyar Actually – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Sukh Ojla Director: Pravesh Kumar  Reviewer: James Garrington Polly has a good life, all things considered. She has a good husband, a good job, children. It’s not the life she used to dream of, but who gets to do that? Then out of the blue, she is contacted by an old flame, Bali. He is a successful businessman now living in ...

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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Form  – The Warren

Reviewer: Simon Topping A collection of large boxes sit on stage accompanied by a lone desk with a scattering of office supplies and poised performers.  As the music thumps out a beat the movement commences.  The troupe, Jordan Choi with brothers Alex and Tom Manghan proceed together, intertwining as one, to start the piece. It is a funny beginning which ...

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Creator: Phil Croft Reviewer: Simon Topping Hope Springs is laid out before us; a cactus, some tiny saloon doors and a wide painted American vista, fabulously created by Phil Croft, tell the audience we are in the wild west now, cowboy country. As the lights go up on stage Rosco "Black Jack" Porter, a washed up, rough and tumble outlaw ...

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Transparent Falsehood: An American Travesty – Theater 511, New York

Writer: Gil Kofman Director: Richard Caliban Reviewer: Jamie Rosler What, of art and satire, is the most effective, most worthy of our time, when reality can be so overwhelming as to seem fake itself? This question swiftly takes psychological primacy after an evening spent in the audience of Transparent Falsehood, Gil Kofman’s parody of Donald Trump and his presidency. According ...

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Bridget Christie – What Now? – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Jo Beggs Bridget Christie’s recent Radio 4 series saw her at the top of her game. After years on the stand-up circuit with decidedly hit and miss shows that ranged from surreal nonsense to political rant, she seemed to have really discovered her own voice, delivering brilliantly cynical comedy that poked fun at her own liberal elitism in a ...

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