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Velvet Havel – Rich Mix, London

Writer and Music: Milos ORSON Stedron. Director: Jan Frič Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Or, Everything You Want To Know About Václav Havel, And A Little Bit More! One of the most interesting facts about the Czech President and playwright is that he was a heavy smoker – Chesterfields, this irreverent cabaret suggests – and to add some authenticity to the show the ...

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La Clique – Leicester Square Speigeltent, London

Director: Craig Ilott Reviewer: Miriam Sallon Comprised of acts both erotic and implausible, La Clique showcases the best cabaret and circus from around the globe. Not satisfied with merely performing feats of seeming physical impossibility, the performers are also unspeakably sexy, fearless and frisky, uniting in a rallying cry for an outrageously good time. Our host for the evening, Bernie ...

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Late Night Lip Service – Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, Edinburgh

Hosted by Gingzilla Reviewer: Dominic Corr Well, my, my, my Miss Gingzilla, had the adoration not been clear before, this evening’s ravenous crowd make it obvious to see our host for Late Night Lip Service is a Goddess of the Fringe. Serving up filth Thursday – Saturday, Late Night Lip Service is where to go if you want what the ...

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Death Suits You – Theatro Technis, London

Music: Robert Tripolino Book and Lyrics: Sam Hooper Director: Gabrielle Scawthorn Reviewer: Scott Matthewman The personification of Death is usually seen as a somewhat passive figure, merely waiting until someone is about to shuffle off this mortal coil and then swiftly despatching them. The closest he comes to action is a chess game on a black and white beach. This ...

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It’s Miss Hope Springs, Assembly George Street, Edinburgh

Writer: Ty Jeffries Reviewer: Tom Ralphs It’s Miss Hope Springs is a classic take on cabaret as the lady in question  tells stories about her life in LA, Vegas and Paris interspersed with songs from an elaborate and lengthy repertoire, combining innuendo and misfortune with humour to create a tragi-comic tail that is possibly only a few steps removed from ...

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