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Burlesque! – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Beth Walthaus


Velma Von Bon BonEva Fox opens the show with some fabulous vocal performances, interspersed with a few cheeky ad-libs and wisecracks with (and sometimes at the expense of) the audience. Apparently, this was the first time she had performed again with this production after moving back to Manchester – although from her performance, it certainly felt like she had never been away. Using her performance as a framing point for the rest of the performances is a clever move, as her incredible vocal talent and effortless stage presence immediately puts the audience at ease and ready for the show to commence.

Ivy Wilde (the “tattooed bombshell”) and Suzie Sequin (the “graceful English Rose”) provided the more “traditional” burlesque performances of the evening. Their talent is second to none, and their confidence and grace had many in the audience picking their jaws up off the floor. Each and every performance was classy and beautiful and delivered with a pinpoint accuracy rarely seen even in the best dance performances.

One of the real highlights of the evening is the performance by Velma Von Bon Bon. Her comedic spin on “traditional” burlesque performances was certainly a refreshing interpretation while providing an interesting change of pace from the rest of the night. Including an interesting mix of puppet play alongside physically dressing as a monkey before performing a full burlesque routine – her routine provides a unique spin on the burlesque performances that many already know and love – but this evening certainly shows that there is more than enough room for her and her experimental offerings.

The main issue with the show was the unfortunate over-stretching of the evening. Had it have been produced as an hour long, intense introduction to the world of burlesque then the second act of the evening would, perhaps, have felt less repetitive. The self proclaimed Lesbian Vampire Queen, Rosie Lugosi did a perfect job of comparing the evening, but with such a long gap to fill between each performance it did often become a little stale. Burlesque! As a performance is a fantastic insight in to the incredible North-West burlesque scene, and it certainly provides a fascinating evening.

Reviewed on: 28th July.

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    Fabulous review! No mention of Lady Wildflower though. She was exceptional! :-)