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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Unlovable – The Warren: The Burrow

By: Carly Jurman

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Judith is unloveable, we are told. She’s almost thirty and cannot seem to find a partner who will put up with her teenage like ways. Tonight we are going to help straighten her out and get her ready for a date to make her desirable and possibly catch her a husband.

The narrator of the piece, Judith’s so-called “friend”, is a rather critical voice who attempts to cajole her charge into looking good and behaving well so that she can achieve the pinnacle that every 1950s girl is looking to aspire to, to be a wife!

Following the guidance of real American informational audio of the 1950s, as well as the advice of her berating commentator, Judith attempts to get in shape and shift that “potato belly”. This proves impossible as she eats just as much as she exercises as she works out. Secondly, she attempts some female intimate grooming in hilarious razor and tampon scenes which have the audience in fits of laughter.

Our perfect 50s girl then attempts to cook the perfect 50s meal for her date. The results ending with a whole potato unceremoniously shoved into the cavity of a chicken and the disastrous making of a cake with the “help” of the crowd. Much messiness and madness ensue. The whole piece is fabulous creative chaos which the crowd adore.

Judith is the clowning alter-ego of US performer, Carly Jurman. Jurman is a wonderful, vulnerable clown who effortlessly and deftly interacts with her audience. She excels in exploring the more outrageous elements of her production and has the room in stitches with her physicality and portrayal of a woman on the edge, especially when Judith gives up all hope, gets drunk and breaks down in her finale.

After Judith’s denouement, Jurman takes time to come out of character and explain what the piece and Judith in particular, means to her. It is a touching part of the show as Jurman explains her background and what drew her to clowning; an openness and tenderness appreciated by the watching public.

Unlovable is a special piece of theatre, both heartwarming and bonkers at the same time. Jurman is often transfixing to watch, very funny and a fantastic clown. Well worth a watch.

Reviewed on 8 May 2019 | Image: Contributed

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