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BRIGHTON FRINGE: The Rap Guide to Consciousness – The Warren Studio 2

Writer: Baba Brinkman
Reviewer: Simon Topping

Two chairs, two microphones and one white, middle-class, Canadian rapper adorn the stage along with a screen displaying imagery of synapses. In this simple fashion, The Rap Guide to Consciousness begins. This is a journey into our minds. What makes us conscious? Do we need a brain to be sentient? Do we have free will? All of this is open to exploration in this highly entertaining and informative show.

The latest in his Rap Guide Series (others include Evolution, Religion and Climate Chaos, to name a few) Baba Brinkman journeys through the latest discoveries in brain science and shares it with us in rap. And, although the audience is slow to catch up to the complexities of what is being explained, he is a patient man and persists in a humorous and engaging way.

Brinkman is a skilful communicator and a good rapper too. One particularly funny rap ask the question whether his baby son Dylan is conscious or not yet. Or as Brinkman puts it,How to diss your newborn, in four minutes.

Brinkman could make any topic fascinating and as we are introduced to the Jennifer Aniston neurone and the concepts of Fame in the Brain, integrated systems and functionalism the audience begin to feel at least ten percent smarter and one hundred percent better-informed.

Runs until 11 May 2017 at The Warren Studio 2 | Image: Contributed | @brightonfringe

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