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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Lachlan Werner: Voices of Evil – The Rotunda Theatre (Squeak)

Reviewer: Simon Topping

By: Pointy Finger

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Outstanding comedy ventriloquism in the heart warming, alternative and very funny, coming of age story, from this rising star of the entertainment circuit.

Lachy is a shy man, he doesn’t like to shout about himself, he’s hiding in plain sight. His companion, a Witch called Brew, does his talking for him, she’s in control and puts him in his place. Will this change as the night goes on? The crowd at the Rotunda Theatre watches in anticipation.

Lachlan Werner comes onto the stage dressed as a warped alter boy, face painted white. He doesn’t speak as Brew monologues. We are gathered here for the scariest night of our lives, so we are told. In this ritual we will sacrifice a virgin. On hearing this Lachy becomes very nervous.

The first half of this performance is full of wonderful audience interactions as Werner’s cheeky Witch puppet insults the crowd in a myriad of inventive ways. As Brew sets up the ritual we are shown a book of spells and a cup of blood integral to the piece. At one point Lachy freaks out and can only be calmed by the spraying of fresh sea breeze onto his face. This is a lovely section which is full of giggles.

Lachy also has a comforter, a “doll” made out of a spoon. Some of the biggest laughs of the night are when Lachy tries to hand the spoon to Brew, it is fabulous clowning.

As the piece continues we are introduced to a nefarious demon who wants to kill us all but happens to be trapped in a weak and ineffectual body. He has a genuinely terrifying voice, reminiscent of The Mighty Boosh’s Hitcher character. From this point on things get exceptionally peculiar, in a wonderful way.

The show explores Werner’s coming of age story where he comes out of the shadows of his co-dependent relationship with Brew, fights his demons (literally) and ultimately triumphs. There is a lot to like, especially in the warmth and impishness of the performance.

Werner embodies the separate characters very well using distinctive movement and spaces on stage as well as recognisable contrasting voices. The action is gloriously silly and very engaging to watch.

Sara Segovia and Laurie Luxe have also done an excellent job in helping to direct Werner. This collaboration (known as Pointy Finger) is a winning combination.

Werner is a master of his craft. His ventriloquism is flawless and laugh out loud funny. His physicality is used to perfection and surprisingly he also has a rather lovely singing voice..

Voices of Evil is a must see. Look out for it; you’ll be scared into a vast swath of laughter.

Reviewed On 1st June

Stars 5

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Spookily Good

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