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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Jody Kamali is Mike Daly: Darts and All – The Warren: The Nest

By: Jody Kamali
Reviewer: Simon Topping

Mike Daily bursts onto the stage with vigor and enthusiasm, encouraging his fans to go mad as he engages gleefully with the crowd before him. Daly, Bristol’s premier darts exponent, five times winner of the Fray Bentos cup between 1988 and 1992, is back to share stories from his life and highlights from an illustrious, yet ultimately tragic, career.

With archetype looks of darts players gone by, Daly is a vision to behold. He majestically bounces before the gathering, proud beer belly displayed, in a golden cape, bedecked with a gold chain and sovereign rings. His hair would not look out of place on any of the 1986 England world cup squad and he sports a moustache to rival Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI.

As the crowd settle down he begins with a reproduction of his greatest darts walk-ons to 80’s classic rock which prove to be both wonderfully bizarre and fabulously funny.

Daly is the brainchild of the prolific character comedy specialist Jody Kamali. Kamali is at his best when interacting with the crowd, improvising lines and whenever he has an excuse to move around. A natural clown, his slow-motion darts walk-on has the crowd in fits of laughter. His comedic expressive face is put to good use with nods, winks and the odd tongue movement, which are all enjoyed immensely and add a surreal element to an already gloriously silly turn.

As the show continues we learn of Daly’s troubles with relationships, take a look back through his winning darts years and examine an ill-fated comeback jousting with the legendary crafty cockney, Eric Bristow.

Most of the set pieces hit the mark as Kamali exudes a joyful silliness. He is an excellent mimic and his rendition of a drunken Wurzel’s song is eye-wateringly funny. He does, however, lack cohesion when it comes to the arch of the show. With outside story help Kamali could have a five star hit on his hands. That being said, there is a lot to love here from a warm, engaging and funny performer who likes to push the boundaries of experimental surrealism whilst still having an eye on entertaining his audience.

Anyone who enjoys Reeves and Mortimer or anything of the output of channel four’s Toast of London writer and performer Matt Berry will revel in Mike Daly: Darts and All, it is a delightfully absurd comedy classic.

Reviewed on 3rd May | Image: Contributed

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