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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Jody Kamali and Friends: The Warren – The Oilshed

Reviewer: Simon Topping 

By: Jody Kamali


Delighting the crowd with his own brand of abject silliness comes Jody Kamali in this “best of” show at The Warren. 

Kamali is a Brighton Fringe regular and never fails to place his best surrealist self into every performance.  Tonight we are to be greeted by four of his finest creations including darts legend Mike Daly, Fernando the international compere, The man of mystery and Victor the blood sucking vampire. 

Mike Daly, the 1980’s darts champion, starts the show. Keen to identify his friends and family in the audience, Daly starts with some very funny, covid safe, crowd interaction.  We go on a journey with Daly; he tells us how he met his wife in a Harry Ramsden’s fish and chip shop where she was pouring tartar sauce seductively down her throat, by the cutlery island.  He reluctantly recounts his divorce and does a hilarious dance compilation. Comparisons with Matt Berry’s Toast character from the channel four smash comedy Toast of London, are very much warranted. 

Secondly Fernando leaps onto the stage.  He shows us his snake (pronounced snack) and leads the throng in a Russian song about jumping called “Prick”, inducing a friendly kind of group hysteria in the venue; It feels as if we all our being initiated into a benign cult 

The man of mystery is arguably the highlight of the show in many people’s eyes. Dressed all in black he performs a straight faced David Copperfield esque cabaret show juggling plastic bags, hiding behind a sheet and in a long surreal section, marries an ironing board and has a whole life with it, including have a small ironing board baby and ends in a side splitting shocking demise for them all. 

Jody lets us know that this particular act gave him sciatica for several years and it’s not hard to see why; it’s a fabulous physical performance, a total clowning delight. The dirty dancing scene is particularly well received but all of it is masterful buffoonery. 

Closing out the show is Victor the vampire. He too is just as wonderfully farcical as the rest. He is in search of a virgin; another piece of crowd interaction which is marvellously funny. Even when Victor attempts to say vampire with the fake plastic teeth he raises a massive wave of laughter from the gathering. 

Kamali is a wonderfully warm hearted performer and the crowd take to him immediately.  His ramshackle style is very endearing and very funny too.      

As Kamali says “It’s been a hard time for us comedians who rely on audience participation” But thankfully he’s back, although he can’t mix in with us to the extent that he would obviously like to. You can see he’s champing at the bit to get up close and personal to make us feel slightly uncomfortable, both for his and our amusement.

This is a triumphant return; a fabulously daft performance that delights and energises the soul.


Reviewed on 6th June  

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