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BRIGHTON FRINGE:  Girl World- Junkyard Dogs: The Dog House

Creators: Frisky

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Tilly (Camille Dawson) and Inga (Serena Ramsey) exist in a surreal bubble called Girl World.

It is a safe space, where anything can happen, the only rule is ‘No boys allowed!’. The world’s leader is the goddess Fatnaboo. The girls live under her guidance until Tilly begins to ask the unthinkable, “Is there anyone else out there?” This immediately causes a rift between the pair and a hole begins to appear in their universe.

Supported by two live musicians, Dawson and Ramsey dance in perfect unison to the Girl World theme, it is captivating to watch and it is in these moments where the piece shines.

As Tilly and Inga take us on a tour of their secret place the crowd are shown the ins and outs of their hideaway, this includes Tilly makeovers, profanities shouted by Inga on an alternative version of the “naughty step” and a lot of childlike play. Tilly’s rap is particularly funny as are several gloriously absurd fighting sequences.

As the rift starts to divide our protagonists as Tilly begins to discover her sexuality and Inga strenuously holds onto her child state, reluctant to explore the world outside of her bubble. But, as the play goes on we see Tilly guide by her friend from Girl World to Woman World, because there is nothing to be afraid of.

A lot of the action is good. Dawson and Ramsey have created nicely grotesque sections of the show and sing and dance well. Both are good clowns and don’t hold back any inhibitions on stage.

The music, composed by Franklin Dawson, provides a good layer of mood shifting electronica which goes with the play well.

The story itself feels convoluted and while Tilly and Inga are fierce and engaging, they are not playful or quite likeable, which doesn’t allow the audience to feel fully connected with the characters.  The devised nature of the piece shows when the actors talk over each other often and overall, the play is disjointed.

However, Brighton Fringe should always be a place for experimentation and Girl World offers plenty of that. The show provides a Mighty Boosh-esque electronic score, some great movement and is very funny in places. It will be interesting to see what the theatre ensemble, Frisky, come up with next.

Reviewed on 24 May 2019 | Image: Contributed

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