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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Fred Ferenczi’s Attic of Desolate Fulfilment – Sweet @ The Welly

Creator: Fred Ferenczi

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Fred Ferenczi walks onto the stage, he is Leicester Comedy Festival Silver Comedian 2018. Described as like a cross between a slow-burn Count Arthur Strong and Simon Munnery, the small, but appreciative crowd await expectantly.

Presenting a drown trodden, bewildered persona, Ferenczi begins to talk about what it is like to be older, remembering the days when you used to spy on the lingerie section of the Littlewoods catalogue for kicks rather than internet porn. It’s an arresting image from the 64-year-old, white-haired, man in front of us.

Ferenczi goes on to talk about Apps he would like to create for lonely old single people, a list of things he won’t be covering in our time together and that the fact that he is five minutes short of material for his forty minute show; at the end we’ll just have to sit and keep ourselves amused. It’s a nice conceit that garners plenty of chuckles.

As the show continues Ferenczi takes us on a spiral of self-despair; the wife who has left him, his hatred for hipsters and his loathing of High Wycombe all feature. The biggest laughs come as he plays with words; he is a good exponent of the list gag and does several to the rooms delight.

Veering into an ill-advised and slightly muddled section on Jimmy Saville and Denis Nilsen, Ferenczi loses his way a little. “Don’t adlib”, he berates himself. A notion the room most heartily agree with.

Ferenczi has created an interesting fool for his public and there are moments of magical mayhem but he does not tailor his act for the audience in front of him. Whilst acknowledging it is very hard to do a stand-up show for small numbers of people, today his performance doesn’t just quite take off.

Reviewed on 10 May 2019 | Image: Contributed

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