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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Eddie Summers’ School of Burglary – The Warren: Theatre Box

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Strolling onto stage like a puffed-up peacock crossed with a cat burglar, in a white fur coat, black gloves, hat and sunglasses, comes Eddie Summers. Summers is a geezer and a thief and he is here to tell his gathered students just how it is done.

There is a slow start to this premiere performance, as Summers tells us about his troubled childhood and work history; apparently, he worked in a zoo, as their Kangaroo.

The comedy begins to crank up a gear when the crafty crook begins to share his insights into the world of crime; he has many rules to impart, the first being never take magic mushroom before a job! This starts the room tittering and there is more to come.

There is plenty of audience participation in this comedy show; some of which hits hit the spot and some is less convincing. There is a very funny part where he pulls a couple onto the stage and separates them while he tries to seduce the women and belittle her husband; it has the audience in fits of chuckles. Also, Summers produces a hilarious and explicit, sketch of a male member of the crowd, which again has the room giggling at its silliness.

The laughter, however, is disjointed throughout the night as the crowd are sometimes bemused by what is happening and occasionally the material is just not funny. This kind of trial and error is the essence of a new clowning show and these inconsistencies are bound to happen.

As further rules are imparted and the piece continues little gems begin to appear from the muddle, such as Summers dressed in a Theresa May mask, with accompanying strap on dildo, and a section about how to become “invisible”, also has charm.

Summers is a likeable and engaging performer and although he has not quite nailed down this show yet, in places it shines and has plenty of potential.

Reviewed on 31 May 2019 | Image: Contributed

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