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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Dead Happy? – The Warren: The Burrow

By: Simon Lovat

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Standing before the audience in full morning suit is funeral director Francis Putlock. He has been called here as there should be a body in the house for him to take away. Soon realising this is not the case, he surmises we must have summoned him so he can regale us with tales from his life as an undertaker. He has some time on his hands so he agrees to oblige and with a happy demeanour and a glint in his eye begins a thoroughly entertaining monologue which captivates the room for 50 minutes.

Putlock amuses and delights the gathering with observations on death and how it affects different people in different ways. “Men are much more pathetic” when it comes to death is one such declaration. Stories of death phobic relatives, scattering ashes, graveside fights, unusual gifts left at headstones, an attempted rescue of a rabbit in an unexpected place and the inappropriate loss of teeth, ensue. Plenty of giggles arise from the narrative as do pauses for thought and reflection.

Juxtaposed to these lighter tales of death and mishap are the moments when Putlock discusses his time in the Royal Navy and lost years that follow. Welled up with tears and anguish the room is silent as the horror unfolds.

Behind the plucky Putlock is writer and performer Simon Lovat, an actor with over thirty-five years experience. The professionalism and skill gained over the years show as Lovat takes us through a full range of emotions from glee and bliss to fear, anger and despair. Wonderful to watch, Lovat always entertains and is a very engaging performer able to draw upon a well of emotion at a moments notice.

Dead Happy? is a thoughtful, charming vignette about death and the way we should live life before the grim reaper comes and knocks for us too; an absorbing one-man play.

Reviewed on 6th May 2019 | Image: Contributed

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