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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Candid – Sweet Waterfront 2

Devisors and performers: Faye Butler and Sophie Huggins
Composer: Joseph Payne
Dramaturg: Patrick Riley
Reviewer: Glen Pearce

A post-apocalyptic life has often proved a rich feeding ground for theatre creatives, and it proves so for Wildkind Theatre’s Candid.

Fusing physical theatre, movement, sound loops and a verbatim theatre feel, Candid follows a non-linear story arc but within its simplicity and openness there lays real promise.

With nothing more than a handful of plastic packing crates, a CD player and a loop machine, two performers share their hopes and fears as some unspecified natural disaster threatens life as we know it. Synchronised movement, choreography and words, including plenty of classic movie lines that inspire many a laugh, pepper the piece and give it a constant energy.

There’s a childlike innocence to the piece but lurking underneath there’s something darker, a sense of growing frustration as relationships become strained and the future looks bleak.

Faye Butler and Sophie Huggins have a real chemistry between them and it’s the chemistry that is the strongest aspect of the piece. Their movement work gives the piece an intensity that holds attention in the somewhat unforgiving environment of Sweet Waterfront 2, a space that valiantly tries but never quite escapes its corporate conference room background. In that environment the musical and loop work fares less successful, with sight lights obscuring much of the floor work for those towards the back of the seating.

The technical challenges of a non-conventional theatre space are, however, what make Fringe festivals so much fun and the setting aside, the piece is an engaging and intriguing piece that shows much promise from this young company. We may never know what the definitive narrative of Candid is, but the conviction and inventiveness of the performance demonstrates that is not a barrier to an evening of refreshingly playful storytelling.

Reviewed on 26 May 2017 | Image: Peter Williams  |  @brightonfringe

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