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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Bus Boy – The Warren: Blockhouse

Writer: Izzy McDonald 

Director: Geordie Crawley

Reviewer: Simon Topping

In the middle of the stage sits a young man on a bike, he is looking for the mainland tourists arriving at his home, Rottnest Island. He wants to drive a bus; he has memorised all the routes (he doesn’t like to rely on google maps) and at the forefront of his mind, can recall a list of all of qualities and achievements you need in order to be one. However, for now, his bicycle will have to be his substitute. Also on the island is Jerry, a young visiting woman stuck in transition, here to cast out old demons and start afresh.

Bus Boy meets Jerry and they spend time together. He takes her on his own tour and they begin to share stories, hopes and dreams. Jerry is adventurous and wayward, searching to find herself.  Bus Boy has to have his routine, sees the world in black and white and is suffering from a grief he finds hard to process. As Jerry goads Bus Boy on, it looks likely that this is a combination that will inevitably lead to disaster.

The piece is both beautifully written and performed. Izzy McDonald as the dramatist has created a magical play which engages the heart and mind. The writing is sharp, touching and often funny.  At one point remonstrating with rebellious Jerry, Bus Boy exclaims, “Being naked is not fun, it is for the shower”, a gem which has the audience in fits of laughter. Also in playing Jerry, McDonald encapsulates both the anxiety and confidence of youth very well.

Geordie Crawley, as Bus Boy, also excels. He manages to display the vulnerability of his character with great integrity, emotion and humour. His physicality is lovely to watch and in tandem with his acting partner, this is a joy to watch.

When the play closes the audience of left feeling bonded to the characters, wanting to find out more. Bus Boy is a simple, funny and moving story; beautifully told.

Reviewed on 27 May 2018

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