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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Baba Brinkman, Darwinizm – The Warren: Blockhouse

Creator: Baba Brinkman

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Windswept and just off the plane from Nice; Baba Brinkman is back at the Fringe. His new show, specifically written for Brighton this year, is Darwinizm: combining comedy, science and hip-hop to reveal the hidden forces that shape us, from DNA to digital memes

A rap about operant conditioning and evolution starts the action as the audience begin to nod their heads to the well-designed edutainment.

Brinkman is a very skilful communicator and a fabulous rapper too. Since 2004 he has been delighting audiences at the Fringe festival on a wide range of topics including consciousness, climate chaos and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. He is a well seasoned and relaxed performer and engages the gathering in a warm, effusive manner.

Brinkman even slowly coaxes out a little audience participation from an intellectually nervous crowd; like the enthusiastic, admirable and patient teacher you always wanted at school (think scientist Brian Cox crossed with rap group Jurassic 5). His Curious nature leads him down all sorts of avenues of thought, even at unusual times. This includes thinking about ape testicle sizes and what that says about their social environment on his wedding day; or as he puts it: “I’m in love and contemplating gonads”.

This is a show in flux, ideas are still being formed in Brinkman’s prestigious brain box, but it well worth a watch. His mantra is: Performance, Feedback, Revision; so by the end of the run I’m sure Darwinizm will have evolved into a five-star show, it is well on its way.

Running until 29 May 2018.

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