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BRIGHTON FRINGE: Arr We There Yet? – Spiegeltent: Bosco

Creators: Head First Acrobats

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Bounding on to stage comes the captain and his two merry shipmates, both of whom feel they have a claim to be the ship’s head man. Arguing, scuffling and high-quality clowning opens what is to be 45-minutes of beguiling and wowing entertainment; leaving kids and adults alike in fits of laughter and amazed.

Created by Melbourne based, Head First Acrobats (HFA), Arr We There Yet? showcases the talents of three world-class circus and physical theatre performers. They display some fabulously funny slapstick throughout the show; a particularly chucklesome walking down the stairs skit and a full-out comedy fight with sword balloons impress. The latter being a true crowd pleaser as it gets the children in the audience involved.

Placed (but in no way forced) between the feats of wonder is buckets of innuendo for the grown-ups and snippets of groan some, but charming, jokes for the younger members of the crowd. This aids the movement of the story and gives the performers a chance to interact with the gathering, which they do well, in an easy manner.

Above all, however, it is the acrobatics that draws the eye. Adjacent children in the row are especially in awe of the fabulous Roue Cyr spinning display when the “storm” comes, the high ladder balancing while juggling with knives and, proving the most impressive of all, is the walking the plank scene, with death-defying teeterboard expertise on show.

HFA are a funny, sharp and immensely skilful troupe who delight their onlookers and leave them wanting more. A hearty piece of daring do, recommended to all land lubbers, both big and small.

Runs until 3 June 2018.

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