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BRIGHTON FRINGE: 0.0031% (Plastic and Chicken Bones) – Sweet @ The Poets

Reviewer: Lela Tredwell

By: Give or Take Theatre

Reviewer: Lela Tredwell

An incredible one man show with heart, intelligence and vitality.

This is an exceptional piece of theatre, inspiringly designed and performed. The show has been carefully created to envisage a rich future world on the stage. It’s an engaging performance with so much to reflect upon, as well as a central tale with high stakes and heart.

Retro-terraforming agent, Dryskoll has got themselves into a spot of bother. There’s been a glitch and all they have for assistance is a sweetly empathetic AI, whose voice eerily comes to us disembodied. As Dryskoll discovers more about their predicament, they also catches us up creatively, using the garbage props at their disposal to bring to life an intriguing tale. Never has rubbish seemed so beautiful and fascinating as when an old empty pizza box fittingly represents the world.

As Dryskoll reveals how we got there… and also how they got here… they also ensure we are not left behind with well-crafted asides to the audience which enable us to understand the future technology that enables Dryskoll’s visits. With a whole heap of discarded rubbish behind them, they engagingly tell us everything we need to know about what humanity has become, who the mysterious Zimmy is and how the last 24 hours have led them here… and crucially where here happens to be.

This performance draws on classic science fiction but gives us something new, evolved and vital. Quantum Leap meets The Prestige meets the original short stories by Isaac Asimov that inspired I, Robot. This important piece of theatre really shows how the genre of science fiction has evolved, how speculative tales hold the power to reflect to us how we live now, and where our deepest hopes and flaws can lead.

What price must we pay to live forever? Will it be worth it? And can a robot really govern better than any of our politicians?

Attend this outstanding performance to find answers and have your human ideologue transported intriguingly into another world… which may just look unsettlingly familiar.

Reviewed on 17th May. Runs to 22nd May.

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