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BRIGHTON BITES: The Human Zoo Theatre Company – GIANT

Back by popular demand for 2017, our Brighton Bites series offer short, witty and slightly tongue-in-cheek insights into shows performing at England’s largest arts festival. Hopefully, they will whet your appetite to try something new at this year’s Brighton Fringe.

Here, The Human Zoo Theatre Company tell us about their show, GIANT, which they’ll be performing at The Warren Main House.


How would you describe your show in one sentence?

A cocktail of clowning, cabaret and crazy characters leave the audience asking what it means to belong to a generation and wanting to hug their nan!

Why Brighton Fringe for this show?

After a brilliant run at EdFringe 2016, Brighton seemed like the natural next step for GIANT. We love being in a festival environment, especially one that is so close to home. We had the best time performing The Girl Who Fell in Love with the Moon at last years Brighton Fringe because the audience were so fun and up for a laugh and we really hope they’ll enjoy this show just as much!

How have you been preparing for Brighton Fringe?

Since we last performed GIANT we have had a change of cast member so a lot of the prep has been making sure they are ready for the big show! We’re also heading down before our run to soak up the brilliant atmosphere of the Fringe, to do some flyering and the week before GIANT, we’re also doing a run of our other show The Girl Who Fell in Love with the Moon! So lots to prepare for and lots to do!

What do you think sets your show apart from all the other festival offerings?

GIANT tells the story of what it means to belong to a generation. It looks at Generation Y and why we are the people we are because of those who have come before us…. that’s a bit wordy but hopefully, you get the gist! As a company, we try to play lightly with heavy subjects, so although it may sound a little intense (!) it is all told through ridiculous characters, mad movement sequences and live music.

What’s the show that you don’t want to miss at this year’s Brighton Fringe (apart from your own)?

We are really looking forward to seeing Kneehigh’s Tristan and Yseult (of course!) and we’re also big fans of 6FootStories who are down there with Macbeth. Unfortunately, we completely clash but we’ve seen the show before and can’t recommend it enough!

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given for performing at a Fringe Festival?

A piece of advice we tend to live our lives by is ‘don’t be a dick’. That might sound quite obvious but in a festival environment, it is especially important. There is so much going on, so many people, so many flyers and everyone just wants to have a good time but it can also be so stressful. We always make sure to have a great relationship with our venue, other shows and all of our audience so it’s fun and enjoyable for all!

If your show was a flavour of ice cream being sold on Brighton Pier, what would it be?

I’d say GIANT is an English breakfast tea flavoured ice cream, with a beer flavoured sauce, a cake flavoured wafer and a few sprinkles on top. It would give off the aroma of a dusty attic but once you bite into it, the flavour is so astonishing you’re transported to another era in time…I really hope this doesn’t put anyone off.

GIANT runs at Brighton Fringe 23 – 25 May 2017

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