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BRIGHTON BITES: Lucky Dog Theatre Productions – Bethnal Green

Back by popular demand for 2017, our Brighton Bites series offer short, witty and slightly tongue-in-cheek insights into shows performing at England’s largest arts festival. Hopefully, they will whet your appetite to try something new at this year’s Brighton Fringe.

Here, Lucky Dog Theatre Productions tells us about their show, Bethnal Green, which they’ll be performing at Sweet Waterfront 1.


How would you describe your show in one sentence?

The harrowing and immersive true story of the worst civilian disaster of WW2.

Why Brighton Fringe for this show?

Brighton Fringe is our home festival. It’s actually worked out that we were only ready with the next show for now. It’s the first of the Fringe Festivals of the year, so we often premiere here.

How have you been preparing for Brighton Fringe?

Burying my head in the sand, wondering why I wrote another play that was going to be so difficult to learn, paying tons of bills, buying loads of costumes and props on eBay, writing and tuning the script, rehearsing, filling in countless forms… the usual.

What do you think sets your show apart from all the other festival offerings?

I don’t know if there’s anything else that is as dark While still being totally factual. It should hopefully give people nightmares.

What’s the show that you don’t want to miss at this year’s Brighton Fringe (apart from your own)?

We only ever come down for a weekend every year (this is our fifth in a row) and we don’t usually get much chance to see anything else. Last year after our afternoon shows, we went back to our digs for forty winks before going back out in the evening and we both slept through until the next morning.

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given for performing at a Fringe Festival?

Don’t expect to make any money.

If your show was a flavour of ice cream being sold on Brighton Pier, what would it be?

Our mascot/manager, Lucky Dog, is an ice cream obsessive so I will let him answer: “If dis shoh woz a flavor of icey creams, it wud be icey creams flavor. Yep”.

Bethnal Green runs at Brighton Fringe 13 & 14 May 2017.

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