Brennan Reece: Everlong – The Stand, Glasgow

Reviewer: Fraser MacDonald

Brennan Reece’s Everlong tour hit Glasgow The Stand Comedy Club this week, bringing with it a cheeky, heartfelt hour of hilarious comedy and touching anecdotes that set him apart from so many on the scene today.

Reece jumps onto the stage at the intimate Glasgow venue and is instantly funny. Self-depreciating humour can be overdone, but Reece is just as happy to bring his audience into his show, which makes for some hilarious ad-libs and panicked front row faces.

His set is a mix of truly impressive one liners, not dissimilar to the likes of Tim Vine and Ken Dodd, and razor sharp, speedy ad-libs with his audience. Reece works his early evening audience hard and this pays off; even the sternest of faces eventually crack a smile, much to the amusement of Reece himself. This degree of interaction makes for a truly unique event; it is fair to say that no two shows would be the same.

Where Reece sets himself apart from so many other pale young men taking the stage for is the humanity at the heart of his show. This is a comedian who is funny to the core but is also able to offer his audience something more than just the laughs. His previous shows have focussed on his family in various incarnations; Everlong focuses on his Nana, his growing up with her and the change as he became her carer. There is a reverent silence as he talks of her battle with dementia and the implications this has for the family. This is something that many will have first-hand experience of and clearly comes from a place deep within Reece, not for comedic affect but to offer a genuine, raw part of his experience.

As important a part of his show that his personal story is, it would be remiss not to focus on just how funny Brennan Reece is. Self-deprecation makes it impossible not to like him, but the actual quality of his material is second to none. Reece’s writing is inclusive and quick wit only adds to the sheer enjoyment of his gig. It is quite clear that we are seeing a rising star in full flow and there will be plenty of Brennan Reece to come.

Reviewed on 29 March 2018 then touring | Image: Contributed 


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