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BOOK REVIEW: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Acting (But Were Afraid To Ask Dear)

Author: West End Producer

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

Reviewer: Sharon MacDonald-Armitage

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Acting (But Were Afraid To Ask Dear)If you love theatre or even if you do not, West End Producer’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Acting (But Were Afraid To Ask Dear) should be top of your list of reads for 2014. Funny, irreverent and insightful this book will have you chuckling out loud and guaranteed to have tears of laughter streaming down your cheeks.

Renowned on social media for his theatrical commentary and knowledge of the theatre world, West End Producer is a phenomenon not to be messed with. He tells it like it is and sometimes how it isn’t (but how we’d like it to be.) His highly perceptive insider knowledge of what goes on in “Theatre-Land” and his close to the knuckle comments convey a real sense of mischief and it will no doubt make many a theatre professional wince and laugh in equal measure especially when they can instantly identify with a number of his canny and acute observations.

Taking the reader on a journey through the process of actor training, auditioning, rehearsing, performing and to the final curtain call, it opens up a completely new and fascinating world to the uninitiated

With regular references to his Jean-Valjean teddy and drinking copious amounts of Dom #Dear, we are side-splittingly taken through cheeky chapters of observations and advice. Many actors will reflect on how they dress, stand and project themselves at auditions and there is sure to be a modicum of curiosity as to what he is scribbling on his notepad as they perform.

West End Producer’s identity is a closely guarded secret and like Zorro he appears on our social media timelines striking with his witty banter then disappearing from the ether to seek respite with his Andrew Lloyd-Webber glove puppet or Miss Saigon blow up doll. If you do not follow @westendproducer on Twitter then I urge you to do so; you wont regret it.

This book is an easy read, extremely witty and makes you feel like you are in conversation with an old friend. Theatre fans will love it, actors will surely roar with laughter and those who know nothing about the theatre will have their eyes well and truly opened.

So jump into your sequinned onesie, get those jazz hands at the ready and kick ball change your way into this book, it really is the sort of read to bring some light to these dark winter evenings…….#Dear

Available from Nick Hern Books

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