BOOK REVIEW: Drawn to the Globe

Author: Chris Duggan

Publisher: Ancon Hill Publishing

Reviewer: John Roberts

Published to coincide with The Globe’s 20th year of performance and of course in the 400th year of Shakespeare Drawn to the Globe is a little gem of a book for any lover of theatre and indeed Shakespeare.

Artist Chris Duggan has over the past 20 years stood through all of the performed Shakespeare’s at the world famous South Bank theatre mainly in the yard with the “groundlings” and through all weather types including “Thunder, lightening or in rain” and has sketched nearly every single performer who has stepped foot in one of the Bard’s plays and a collection of them have found their way into this diminutive but packed book.

As an artist Duggan has been published in many publications including Vogue, The Telegraph and the Independent, he currently finds employment from The Times as their Business Cartoonist… however here in Drawn to the Globe he presents many styles of sketching from bold watercolours to fine line pencil drawings, from abstract to caricature… not only is Drawn to the Globe a visual guide to the plays at The Globe over the past twenty years but it is a visual insight into an artist that clearly enjoys changing his technique and indeed style.

There are some really nice touches to the book… quotes from the plays rest alongside their image to bring the picture some contextualisation, however it perhaps would have been even better if the actor playing each role was also credited. It is after all an historical documentation and while at times it is blatantly obvious who the performer is, with others it’s like trying to crack the enigma code.

Drawn to the Globe might not offer the most in-depth coverage of The Globe but as a form of presenting the work in a unique and interesting way, this little book proves a worthy contender for a bookshelf in every theatre lovers home – and if any of the prints catch your eye, you can even buy a signed print directly from the artist himself.

Book available from major stockists priced £7.99

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