Bernie Dieter’s Berlin Underground – Underbelly Festival, London

Reviewer: Christine Stanton

Want to go to Germany this summer but can’t because of travel restrictions? Get yourself down to the Underbelly Festival in Cavendish Square. The minute you step inside the dimly lit tent, you’ll be automatically transported into a seductively sleazy jazz club in the heart of Berlin. With the drinks flowing, the Weimar-punk jazz band in the background and the scantily clad performers working the room, the atmosphere is well and truly set.

Opening the show is the hilarious host of the evening – Bernie Dieter; strutting onto the stage in her showstopping outfit and killer heels, flirting with the audience and grabbing everyone’s attention with her impressive vocal talents. With the raunchy lyrics and dramatic outfit choices it is clear to see how she is the star of the show. Playing on her half-Australian, half-German heritage, her bold on-stage persona and musical interludes are uniquely intriguing.

Little Finch – made up of Jonathan Finch-Brown and Ben Finch-Brown are two incredibly talented individuals. Showcasing their strength and coordination while leaving nothing to the imagination, their acrobatic wizardry has the audience spellbound. Whether they’re swinging across the room on a giant anchor or precariously balancing one-handed with their six-inch heels in the air, this synchronised duo is an ideal addition to the evening.

Lisa Lottie is definitely a girl that knows her way around a hula-hoop. Hypnotising the crowd with her impressive hoop performance it is almost hard to believe that there aren’t special effects involved, and that someone can actually control that many hoops at once. The mesmerising routine is worthy of the audience stomping and cheering her to her finale.

Jao is the final performer of the evening with her seductive pole routine. Entering the stage she casts aside derogatory labels about pole dancers and embraces her athletic ability and strength with pride and empowerment. Another string to the bow of this self-proclaimed band of talented misfits, she wows the audience with her balance and skill.

The Weimar-punk jazz band never falters by keeping the energy alive and the tension building throughout the risqué performances. The soundtrack fits the mood perfectly and alongside the sultry lighting it is the ideal accompaniment for this pop-up cabaret club.

A short performance, but a showcase of talent and quippy songs amidst the jaw-dropping stunts will have you entertained from beginning to end. This only downside to this exciting bunch of performers is that you’ll leave with slightly painful palms from clapping so hard.

Runs until 29 August 2021

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Bold, Seductive, Talented

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