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Ballet British Columbia – The Alhambra, Bradford

Music: Dirk P Haubrich, Johannes Brahms, Ori Lichtik

Artistic Director: Emily Molnar

Reviewer: Dawn Smallwood

Dance Consortium is presenting Ballet British Columbia who are embarking on their first ever UK tour including a stop at Bradford’s Alhambra Theatre.  Following their successful performances at the 2016 Birmingham International Dance Festival, the opportunity for a tour arose.  The company is reputed for its innovative and creative contemporary ballet.  This tour What, When and Where, comprises of three totally different works from their repertoire.

Emily Molnar’s 16 + a room, premiered in 2013, is the first work featured.  The work explores the suggested notion of adolescence with people’s life stories always at the beginning and never the end.  Dirk P Haubrich’s music illustrates questioning, progression and setbacks of people’s journey and this is interpreted intricately and beautifully by the company.  With strong choreographic direction and synchronisation, the acoustics and apocalyptic beats emphasise the turbulent dramas one experiences with each dancer proactively portraying their part in the story.

Crystal Pite’s Solo Echo follows and is set to Johannes Brahms music.  It has a classical winter theme staging, courtesy of Jay Gower Taylor and Eric Beauchesne, and is based on Mark Strand’s Lines for Winter, with a contemporary interpretation.   This work is more orderly compared to the previous one and the contemporary dancing and expression explore one’s inner soul one winter evening.  It is beautiful and yet provocative with close-knit and intense dancing by the company individually and in groups.

The final work of this programme is Bill, totally different from the previous two, and choreographed by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar.  The company dances and interprets robotically initially to vocal backed music and the expressions are physically conveyed to creative use of lighting and soundscapes.  This all eventually leads to an eventual tribal frenzy which is full of intrigue and drama.   The work is harmoniously pleasing to the eye with all the dancers wearing identical costumes, albeit different colours, which might symbolise diversifying themes.

Ballet BC has achieved their aims to present works which are creative, diverse and innovative in a ballet setting.  Molnar encourages collaboration with many choreographers, nationally and internationally, such as Eyal and Behar, choreographers from Israel, and their international work, Bill, is presented in the same spirit by the company’s artists.   The programme has been received well by the audience and an enjoyable evening of three different works which is performed excellently by the talented company.   It is hoped they will embark on another UK Tour in the not too distant future.

Reviewed on 23rd March 2018 | Image: Contributed

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