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Ballad of the Burning Star – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

Director and Writer: Nir Paldi

Producer and Associate Director: George Mann

Musical Director and Composer: Adam Pleeth

Choreographer: Orian Michaeli

Reviewer: Marina Spark


Ballad of the Burning Star

Ballad of the Burning Star

Ballad of the Burning Star by Theatre Ad Infinitum is a cabaret styletelling of the long standing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Itfocuses on a young boy, Israel, who goes from being the victim to thevillain once grown up. The subject matter is one that can be lazilyapproached but in this instance quite the opposite has occurred.Ballad of the Burning Star has been meticulously written,choreographed and directed and as a result is hugely powerful, movingand affecting.

Star, the drag queen played by Nir Paldi, who also wrote and directedthe piece, is a force to be reckoned with. She compares throughout,slipping in and out of the storytelling. Star is terrifyingly powerfulyet sensuously soft showing a sting in her tail when her group of allsinging, all dancing Starlets begin to rebel. The chorus of performersare exceptionally skilful in dance and movement, their stamina,specificity and energy utterly gob-smacking. The difficult butimpressive choreography by Orian Michaeli, combines dance withmovement and is no mean feat, but all the performers, including Star,carry it out to perfection.

What Ballad of the Burning Star does best is highlight ongoingatrocities that are easily pushed off the news headlines, as it issuch a longstanding conflict. This show takes the audience right tothe heart of the individual affected and can make them feel quiteashamed at their ignorance. By juxtaposing this harrowing tale with agenuinely funny, dynamic character like Star the audience feels extra
uncomfortable when they realise exactly how political and social themessage is.

For a truly intelligent, aurally pleasing and visually stunning takeon the Israeli/Palestine conflict go and see this show.

Runs until Mon 26th Aug

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