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Utility – Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, New York

Production photo of Utility

Writer: Emily Schwend Director: Jay Stull Reviewer: Jamie Rosler A cigarette lights up in the dark. Slowly, the early morning sunlight creeps onto Amber’s front porch. She and her husband Chris are discussing their on-again, off-again relationship. On the precipice of being on again, Chris is promising to help out with the kids and around the house, and that he’s ...

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Snow White – Minetta Lane Theatre, New York

Director/Choreographer: Austin McCormick Reviewer: Jamie Rosler   Snow White is the final production in Company XIV’s 2015-2016 season, and it has all the sparkle and spectacle that their audiences have come to expect from their work. Taking a story we know and turning it into a neo-burlesque visual fantasy is Austin McCormick’s forte, and he does not shy away from ...

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SLUT: The Play – Dixon Place, New York

Production image of SLUT: The Play

Writer: Katie Cappiello Director: Katie Cappiello, Meg McInerney Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Rape culture is a phrase that has become well-known, and widely accepted, only in recent years. Acknowledging the existence of that culture and the societal norms that feed it, is the first step in eradicating it entirely. SLUT: The Play explores rape culture from the point of view of ...

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Death of the Liberal Class – New Ohio Theatre, New York

Production image of Death of the Liberal Class

Writer: Robert Lyons Director: Jerry Heymann Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Hacktivism, media, and complicated human relationships are the themes at the heart of Robert Lyons’ newest play, Death of the Liberal Class (inspired by but not directly adapted from the 2010 book of the same name by Chris Hedges), Unfortunately this script only scratches the surface of the issues it raises, ...

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Santasia: A Holiday Comedy – St. Luke’s Theatre, New York

Santasia Production Photograph

Director: Shaun Loeser Reviewer: Jamie Rosler   After running for 16 years in Los Angeles, Santasia brings its tired charms to New York City. It is a sketch, musical, and short film comedy revue that runs a half-hour too long with no intermission. Many of the jokes are outdated and rooted in adolescent humor, with several sketches that should have ...

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Quantum Joy – Dixon Place, New York City

Quantam Joy at Dixon's Place New York

Creator / Performer: Victor Morales Dramaturg: Mariangela Lopez Reviewer: Jamie Rosler   The theatre is dark, except for a beach ball emanating light. It rolls, seemingly under its own volition, slowly across the stage. A voice begins to recite lines of poetry. Perhaps this voice comes from the ball; perhaps it is the voice of a being above us all. ...

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2 Across – St. Luke’s Theater, New York

Production Image of TwoAcross

Writer: Jerry Mayer Director: Evelyn Rudie Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Two people, a man and a woman, ride the BART train in San Francisco at 4:30 a.m., each attempting to finish The New York Times Saturday crossword puzzle. From the first stilted interaction, the conclusion is clear. These two seemingly mismatched people will find a connection, and a so-called happy ending ...

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The Pillowman – Clarion Theatre, New York

Production image of The Pillowman

Writer: Martin McDonagh Director: Erin Cronican &Brandon Walker Reviewer: Jamie Rosler   The Pillowman is a dark, disturbing, funny script that has the ability to resonate deeply, and with startling precision. In a non-specific future, in an authoritarian police state, a writer is interrogated about the twisted stories he’s written over the years, which have begun to be acted out ...

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