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April – VAULT Festival, London

Writer: Carrie Marx

Director:  Chris Lincé

Reviewer:  Richard Maguire

Performer Carrie Marx was behind one of the most creepy shows from last year’s VAULT Festival. In Unburied, a play about a lost children’s TV show, Marx took the audience into the dark web, with terrifying results. Her new show, April, is also unsettling and eerie.

Aprilis an internet sensation. She can be anything she wants to be. She is a motivational speaker declaring the virtues of positive thinking. If you put your mind to it, you, too, can be anything you want, she tells us. We just have to really want it.

In a long dark wig, and wearing a long white dress, April welcomes us to her workshop on positive thinking and with some help from the audience she will work through our problems. We can clearly see that this kind of self-help philosophy is codswallop, but as AprilMarx is very funny, and we see this especially in her arch asides.

Marx continually outfoxes the audience, slowly taking us into darker territory. She gives us a lecture on the tenets of positive thinking describing metaphysical phenomena like servitors, and while the comedy is still very present, we find ourselves in a supernatural world where her white dress is suddenly transformed into the clothes of a virgin sacrifice.

To reveal any more of the show, would ruin its final, and quite, devastating, twist, which will have you scrabbling for the notes that are handed out at the play’s conclusion. It’s unclear to know how much is true, but like Marx’s previous work, this uncertainty is integral to the tale she tells. By the end of the show you’re not quite sure whether you should be laughing or not.

Perhaps not quite as brilliant as Unburied, April will still give you shivers and, as always, Marx’s performance is magnetic. Clever and weird, April will pull the rug from underneath your feet.

Runs until 24 February 2019 | Image: Contributed

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