Ania Magliano: I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This, Edinburgh Fringe 2023, Baby Grand Pleasance Courtyard

Reviewer: Harriet Chappell

It’s soon evident why Ania Magliano’s show is sold out and the audience look really pleased to be there. Ania comes off as endlessly relatable and genuinely entertaining in a natural and succinct manner. Her show begins by delving into the engrossing world of gossip and the ways in which is reaches the corners of society and enriches our lives, especially when we see evidence of the wrong-doings on social media.

There is some light crowd-work with a teasing yet playful style which, when paired with direct eye contact, creates an instant rapport with the audience. We feel as if she is telling us her stories as individuals instead of addressing a faceless group.

Her story featuring the horrors of a bad haircut and just how negatively it can impact your life is very easy to listen to and cringe-inducing due to its accuracy. The show has an easy, mellow tone of listening to one’s inner monologue, however each word is deliberate and intentional. Ania does not waffle.

There was a touch upon the sensitive subject of sexual assault and an explanation of why it is so important to talk about it candidly. Overall, Ania’s personable and quirky style is perfect for those looking for genuine hilarity.

Runs until 27 August 2023 | Image: Contributed

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