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Andrew O’Neill: Is Easily Distracted – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Iain Sykes


Andrew O'NielAndrew O’Neill bounds into the Lowry Studio, beautifully carrying off this evening’s look of short white lacy dress with black tights, red lipstick and black eyeliner. This fact is only mentioned as it’s not until half way through the second part of his set that this is addressed in his routine. Until then his attire hardly registers. The fact is that Andrew O’Neill isn’t a cross dressing as part of act comedian, but is totally natural in his choice of clothing and indeed in his act. All of which plus the most important fact that Andrew O’Neill is a most engaging chap, makes for a fine evening of comedy.

The title of this evening’s show is Andrew O’Neil is Easily Distracted and his brilliantly crafted set plays well with this title, veering from subjects as diverse as Justin Bieber fans and cotton buds to amusing taxi incidents with well known posh ladies. O’Neill brilliantly verbalises the distractive relationship everybody has with the internet while trying to do work. In his case he has turned his own experiences into this sharp, punchy comedy show. All of which is delivered in a slightly manic and very endearing style as he jumps from one subject to another like the borderline internet-diagnosed ADHD sufferer he claims to be. Occasionally he breaks off from his keen observations to be easily distracted by something strange in the front row of the audience before sharply switching back to exactly where he left off.

Andrew O’Neill faultlessly carries the audience with his mixture of intelligent, very funny and occasionally extremely odd material. He is a very much underrated comedian with a deft touch and with only a few shows left of his Andrew O’Neill is Easily Distracted tour, catch it while you can.

Reviewed on 27th October 2013

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