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Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Writer: John Hinton

Director: Daniel Goldman

Reviewer: Anna Ambelez


Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” said Einstein, and Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speakinghas both. Opening in 1933, it follows Einstein’s life in America, where, having escaped from Nazi Germany, he takes you through the development of his theory of relativity and life.

Hinton greets the audience as Einstein, he also bids farewell at the exit dispensing a sheet of glossary of terms and people mentioned in the show. His two wives, Mileva and Elsa, his mother and other characters are played by Jo Eagle, who also accompanies him on keyboard. Sympathetically directed by Daniel Goldman with pace, giving the show variety and colour, alternating between wit, pathos and comedy, this show is an action-packed hour, involving the highly appreciative audience, lots of informative facts, songs and Hinton at his best. Hinton’s physical theatre training at Jacques Lecoq’s Parisian school is evident as is his drama degree. His E=MC2 rap number with actions has to be seen and heard to be believed, hysterically funny!

Tangram Theatre Company, the presenters create multinational touring theatre. They aim to “…put real people with real stories at the heart of the creative process”, Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speakingcertainly does that.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” said Einstein. Relatively speaking this is an intelligent, knowledgeably imaginative show and more. Einstein may also have enjoyed it, in keeping with his values. If you think that science is boring, think again, think Hinton, so clever, so sharp. Establishing a wonderful rapport with the audience, Hinton takes an academic scientific subject and makes it not only accessible to all but cleverly informative, funny and entertaining.

Runs until Mon 26th Aug (Not 20th)

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