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Agent Venture: Mission One: The Heist

Reviewer: Richard Maguire

Creator: The Adventure is Real

There have been quite a few virtual escape rooms throughout 2020, but The Heist created by The Adventure is Real is one of the best. In groups of four or five, with each player in front of their own computer, The Heist is a thrilling race against time as you help an agent break into the vault of an evil corporation, positioned high up in a city skyscraper.

Other escape Zooms have left some players with little to do, but in The Heist, each player is assigned a role and given their own tricky tasks. It’s a good idea to decide beforehand which of you is going to be The Navigator (in charge of maps), The Hacker (who has to break codes), The Communicator (the voice of the team) and The Researcher (who sifts through files of information). Indeed, the amount of Google documents you receive via the Zoom’s chat is, at first, intimidating but the mini-missions soon become clear.

As you move your agent, in this case played by the very patient Grace, around the skyscraper trying to get her to the 88th floor without anyone noticing, you have many options. She could walk in as a pre-booked guest, she could pretend she’s a delivery person or perhaps she could stealthily make her way through the ventilation shafts. Each route seems possible suggesting that The Heist could be played in many different ways.

With the clock ticking, the tasks are fairly difficult, and there are plenty of them in the 90-minute running time. There’s also a lot of work to do for Grace, who plays a whole host of other characters as well as keeping an eye out in case the players get stuck. The Adventure is Real now employs 16 actors in its Agent Adventure series, with Cyborg Island and B.A.D Side of the Moon being the two other missions currently available from their website

With a real sense of excitement The Heist is pleasingly challenging, and there’s a sense that you may not always succeed in your mission. With still three more weeks to go of lockdown, this is the perfect evening entertainment, and is so reasonably priced that you’ll probably want to do all three missions. The Heist brings out your inner Tom Cruise.

Available here until 13 December 2020

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