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Adam Buxton: Kernel Panic – Assembly Hall, Edinburgh

Writer &Performer: Adam Buxton

Reviewer: Hannah Rowlands


Adam Buxton Kernel Panic

Adam Buxton Kernel Panic

Adam Buxton is very popular. This might be because he is a face (or voice mostly) that we all know. With a career spanning 15 years, either performing with his company partner Joe Cornish or on various radio shows, television and film, his impishly bearded face or equally impish voice will probably be familiar. Yet, it’s not just familiarity that makes him popular, for he is also just really likeable. Which makes an evening spent watching his show, Kernel Panic, ‘going through the random s**t’ on his laptop a joyfully inane experience.

The show is centred around Buxton’s laptop, in fact, this reviewer heard one audience member say on the way out, ‘But it was just a screen’. Yet, what makes Buxton’s show a little different from the rest is not the use of multi media, but the ease of use. A bit like spending the night with your mate Tim (just like this reviewer’s mate Tim incidentally) as he deftly and daftly drifts through files labelled ‘My favourite Scottish book.’ or ‘Legendary Hip Hop Shops of Leicester.’ He also includes bits of his Bug show, in which he explores the idiosyncratic world of Youtube video commentary, complete with a wide array of eccentric voices. His manner is gentle, knowing, very silly and as he says himself, a little bit puerile. This reviewer was utterly charmed by him, in fact to quote one of his commentary trolls: ‘He is the tasty egg of my breakfast glory.’

Until Mon 5th August

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