A Song For Christmas – The Pod, Actors’ Church – London

Reviewer: Christine Stanton

Writer and Director: Alice Croft

It is the night before Christmas and children Ashden and Marley are full of excitement. Finishing off writing their letters to Santa, decorating their room and singing carols with their dad is the perfect way for them to spend Christmas Eve. Ending their night with a bedtime story, the only thing left to do is sleep and hope that Santa comes during the night!

If family-friendly festivities are what you’re looking for then A Song For Christmas will be a great choice. It’s relatively short, running at only 45 minutes, which is perfect for a child’s short attention span. The narrative surrounding the kids preparing for the big day is one that would really capture the minds of younger children, shifting between sing-along style carols and mini bedtime stories.

While it isn’t necessarily marketed as a show mainly for children, in doing so it would reach a better suited audience as during this performance it was 95% adults and the over-the-top cheeriness felt less cute and more mis-matched at times. For adults, it’s still a sweet story – but it’s definitely more geared towards the little ones.

The most endearing part of this performance is the Christmas Alphabet song – sung with sign language interpretations alongside it. Not only is it really inclusive, but it’s also a fantastic educational piece for audience members of all ages. Writer and director Alice Croft made a brilliant decision in including this scene because it is excellently engaging and adds an extra dimension for adults and children alike.

Sydnie Hocknell (Ashden), Teddy Hinde (Marley) and Richard Aaron (Dad) all play their roles well – and give their all with the various songs that make up the story. Not only are they impressive singers, but their exaggerated acting styles are perfect for a play for children and it wouldn’t be surprising seeing them feature on a Cbeebies show in the future.

Runs until 19 December 2021

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