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Agent Venture: Mission Two: Cyborg Island

Reviewer: Richard Maguire

Creator: The Adventure is Real

So where were we? Oh yes, after stealing documents from B.A.D Towers, we’d escaped (just) the evil clutches of Bozo and the fangs of his dogs, and had saved the world. We were ready for our next mission. But would we manage to escape from Cyborg Island, a more challenging game with even trickier tasks?

Cyborg Island is the second, of three, Escape Zooms created by The Adventure is Real, and while you can play them in any order it does seem sensible to play them chronologically as there is a loose narrative that covers the three episodes. Each has a similar set up in that before playing each member of the four-man team should choose a role.

The Navigator will be sent a series of maps that will allow Agent Venture – in this case – to find his way into a casino on the island, and the labyrinthine laboratories that lie underneath. The Researcher must scour multiple files that provide information of the guards’ routines or the personal details of the employees of the casino. The Communicator must call up the heads of security or lift mechanics to divert attention from the Agent’s progress infiltrating the evil corporation. Solving a series of difficult games is the Hacker and every success means that electronic doors will open or that alarms will be disabled.

Each player is kept very busy with their own individual duties, but if anyone gets stuck screen-sharing is always an option, and in this mission, perhaps a necessity, as the puzzles seem harder than the first mission, The Heist. And importantly, they are different enough that Cyborg Island isn’t just a rehash of what has gone before. Of course, some things are the same. The mission is broken down into two mini-assignments played against the clock, and we are guided through the process by a single person.

This plucky actor – in our case, David –has many roles to take on: from Agent Venture and Agent Control to Bozo and security guards. David proved to be very patient as we struggled with some of the tasks, but he also had us in stitches when his eye was being removed by the cyborg machine. But he doesn’t give out too much help either; success, as we shamefully discovered, is not a given.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of these Escape Zooms by The Adventure is Real is that they take place mainly in the imagination. We never see our agent, or the actor’s other roles. We only hear their voice. And apart from the maps there are no pictures of the locations, and on screen we only see each other, busy solving clues or looking for intelligence as the clock ticks down.

The Agent Venture series has proved to be so successful, that the booking period has been extended to February, and with many of the slots already taken, it may be wise to act sooner than later. They really are the best virtual Escape Rooms in town.

Runs here until February 2020

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