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man howls woman holds ceramic cat

It's that time of year when we feature our annual series of Fringe preview Q & A's. Next up, it’s the turn of The Black Cat. In one sentence tell us about your show. The Black Cat is a little like a live radio-show and, with dark humour and claws bared, it tears up the process of adaptation like a madman ...

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FIVE FAST FRINGE QUESTIONS with Rebecca Humphries on Prom Kween

man and woman in front of glitter curtain singing

It's that time of year when we launch our annual series of Fringe preview Q & A's. Here, Rebecca Humphries talks about her show Prom Kween. In one sentence tell us about your show. A comedy musical extravaganza with added sequins. What made you decide to bring a show this year? Truthfully? Last year when I visited the Fringe I was both ...

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woman with blonde hair and black t shirt with microphone

It's that time of year when we launch our annual series of Fringe preview Q & A's. Here, Abi Roberts talks about her show Anglichanka. In one sentence tell us about your show. It’s a rip-roaring journey through my time learning to be an opera singer in the former USSR and my recent return after many years as the first UK ...

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Fat Girls Don’t Dance – Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh

maria ferguson fat girls dont dance

Writer: Maria Ferguson Director: Lucy Bairstow Reviewer: Laura Hibbert Blending theatre, storytelling, and movement, Fat Girls Don’t Dance is Maria Ferguson’s debut, one-woman, autobiographical show, exploring her relationship with food and her desire to be on stage, through the help of her first love - dance. Speaking, singing and dancing her way through difficult scenarios of her own life, Ferguson ...

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Spencer Jones – Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh

Writer: Spencer Jones Reviewer: Fergus Morgan Spencer Jones was the surprise comedy hit of last year's festival. His show, Spencer Jones Presents The Herbert In Proper Job, was a gloriously barmy mix of anthropomorphic household objects, surreal audience participation, and brilliantly silly use of audio technology. This year, Jones has returned to Underbelly Cowgate with his 2015 hit, as well ...

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Mr Incredible – Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh

Writer: Camilla Whitehill Director: Sarah Meadows Reviewer: Stephen Bates They say that it takes two to tango. A relationship works when the parties have compatible visions of their life together and for the future, but Camilla Whitehill'snew one-hour play, directed by Sarah Meadows, examines what may happen when all the pieces that make up a relationship start to come apart. ...

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Agent of Influence – Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh

rebecca dunn agent of influence

Writer: Sarah Sigal Director: Jessica Beck Reviewer: Stephen Bates There seems no end to stories of heroism in World War II, but, despite initial appearances to the contrary, this is not an addition to the list. Sarah Sigal's one hour monologue is an account given by Lady Pamela More, a socialite and fashion correspondent for The Times, of her recruitment ...

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Blush – Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh

Writer: Charlotte Josephine Director: Ed Stamollouian Reviewer: David Doyle Charlotte Josephine’s Blush doesn’t pull any punches. It’s fast-paced, razor-sharp, and proves to be a vital examination of revenge porn. Weaving together the stories of five people affected by revenge porn, the two-hander, starring Daniel Foxsmith and Josephine herself, takes on a subject that makes for at times uncomfortable but always ...

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