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A Brimful of Asha – Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol.

Asian man and woman

Writer: Ravi Jain and Asha Jain Director: Ravi Jain Reviewer: Joan Phillips Welcoming the audience as we enter the theatre space with open arms and delicious, warm samosas, Ravi Jain and Asha Jain immediately make us feel at home as they seat themselves around their family dining table. The son of successful, immigrant Indian parents, Ravi was born and raised ...

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The Marked –  Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Two men and a wooden crate

Deviser: Theatre Témoin Director: Ailin Conant Reviewer : Joan Phillips Jack is haunted by demons from his childhood. Now a young adult, his nightmares have followed him into the decrepit parts of our towns where he makes a home for himself with other struggling homeless. The Marked is set in the parts of towns most of us never need or ...

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Tartuffe- The Tobacco Factory, Bristol

Writer: Moliere Adaptor: Andrew Hilton and Dominic Power Director: Andrew Hilton Reviewer: Kris Hallett Its the end of an era here in Bristol with the news that Andrew Hilton will step down at the end of the season as artistic director at Shakespeare At The Tobacco Factory. For nearly two decades he has put his venture on the map from small ...

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Posthumous Works- Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

Writer: Ivan Hansen, Katrina Bugaj, Hagen Findsen Director: Katrina Bugaj Reviewer: Kris Hallett Mike Tweddle's programming of the Tobacco Factory Theatre feels like it is beginning to come into effect with Posthumous Works. His background includes a strong focus on bringing international theatre to our shores and so here, we get, Danish company Out Of Balanz coming to Bristol for ...

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The Road to Huntsville – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

A woman sits infant of a video projection screen showing a clinical room

Writer/Performer: Stephanie Ridings Director: Jonathan V McGrath Reviewer: Claire Hayes Men who kill and the women who love them, despite – or because of – their spending 15 years or more on death row. State-sanctioned homicide by lethal injection in the heart of small town Texas. It’s a huge subject to tackle in an hour long, one woman show; Stephanie ...

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The Castle Builder – Cube Cinema, Bristol

Creators: Vic Llewelyn and Ed Patrick Reviewer Kris Hallett Do we make art for public consumption or to satisfy personal longing? Is the art of making theatre, writing a book, painting a portrait, building a castle only validated when it is revealed to the public or is the making of it enough. This is the question at the heart of ...

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Othello – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Richard Twyman Reviewer: Claire Hayes Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory (SATTF)’s new version of Othello brings the Bard’s tragedy of malign manipulation and jealous, destructive rage right into the present-day. It’s immediately apparent that the entrenched racism, misogyny and religious intolerance of the 16th century still resonates in a setting of mobiles, microphones and concrete basement ...

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Broken Biscuits – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writer: Tom Well Director: James Grieve Reviewer: Kris Hallett For Ben, Holly and Megan, their GCSE exams are behind them and a long summer of preparing to enter the 'cool' world of college awaits. It's an opportunity to blow away past convention, to raise their social standings from geeky outsider to the hip in-crowd. Megan has a plan, to form ...

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