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KATINA AND BECKY HAVE IT ALL – The People’s Improv Theater, New York

(Katina & Becky Have It All) (The PIT) (NYC)

Writers: Katina Corrao & Becky Yamamoto Reviewer: Robert Price All Katina Corrao really wants is to play a nosey neighbor on a TV sitcom, but she keeps getting messages from the dead (yet if anyone has any leads on a commercial spot she could book, please visit her website at KatinaCorrao.com). Corrao’s bubbling charisma brings an infectious energy to her ...

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KEVIN!!!!! – The PIT (People’s Improv Theatre), New York

Writer: Recent Cutbacks Music:  Kelsey Didion Director: Kristin McCarthy Parker Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos Recent Cutbacks brings an hilarious, innovative parody of Home Alone which is anything but what the French would call les incompetents. It transforms The PIT’s Striker Main Stage into a middle-class Chicago home, and then, within that, a miniature version of the same, in which puppets act ...

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Foxglove – The Vaults, London

Writer: Josh Morrall Director: Josh Morrall Reviewer: Chris Combemale A lone man enters and places a wooden stool centre stage. While a lonely stool set on a bare stage might have prepared the audience for a revolutionary piece of experimental theatre, such false perceptions are soon shattered. Yet this was by no means a disappointment as Squared Circle’s first production ...

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