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An Act of Kindness – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writer: Helena Westerman Director: Caroline Simonsen Reviewer: James Garrington “I like talking to people. I find it makes them smile. And no one ever smiles at each other in London”. Leila is a waitress in a cafe. Every day she catches the bus at the same stop. Then one day she meets a man there – Martin, a successful young ...

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The Gin Chronicles: A Scottish Adventure – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writer: Robert Blackwood Directors: Robert Blackwood and Anthony Shrubshall Reviewer: John Kennedy Mystery/suspense/espionage! The Misfits Of London broadcast their very own subtle-as-a-blind-cobbler’s-thumb homage to the Dashiell Hammett/John Buchan late-1940s live radio show thriller genre. Imagine commercial hell inflicted upon the BBC in relentless pursuit of infiltrated plot product placement - try even harder not to. Wry, fly and unabashedly self-referencingly sly, this ...

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Austen the Musical – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writer: Rob Winlow Director: Timothy Trimingham Lee Reviewer: John Kennedy It is a truth universally acknowledged that many a review of Jane Austen adaptations has the misfortune of being in want of a less contrived introduction. Axiomatic as that may be, tonight’s songs celebrate a singular panache for delivering melodies more memorable for their immediate context and sincerity rather than any lasting recollection. The ...

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Skellig – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writer: David Almond Director: Adam Carver Reviewer: James Garrington Michael is unhappy. He has moved to a new part of town, his new-born baby sister is ill and his world seems to have turned upside down. Then one day he ventures into the dilapidated garage and finds a strange man, and Michael’s life changes forever. This is the story of ...

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The War of the Worlds – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

A man stands listening to a short wave radio

Writer: Tin Robot Theatre based on the book by H G Wells Director: Adam Carver Reviewer: John Kennedy Given any successful extra-terrestrial alien invasion needs be predicated on said bug-eyed monsters having, in Wells’ words, ‘minds immeasurably superior to ours,’ it begs the question why his tripodal Martians didn’t think to have a flu-jab before trashing up Horsell Common. Wells’ fin-d’siècle apocalypse ...

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5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writers: Evan Linder and Andrew Hobgood Director: Karl Steele Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Ginny has moved to mid-1950s America from England and feels herself strangely drawn to The Susan B Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein, a society for women that proudly claims that arm in arm they are the equal of any man. Every year the society holds a quiche ...

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Shakespeare’s Will – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writer: Vern Thiessen Director: Marianne Gaston Reviewer: John Kennedy Nuanced, elegiac in its embrace, empathic in tone and essential humanity, writer Vern Thiessen describes the conceit of his using Shakespeare’s documented Will, as ‘a springboard for his imagination.’ Rain, brooks and rivers washing down to the sea remain a translucent canvas for revisited imagery and symbolism throughout the performance and he plunges ...

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