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Re:Production – Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

A woman in a white coat faces us standing in a corridor

Writer: Jenna May Hobbs Director: Suzanna Ward Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Tom and Karen are a thoroughly modern couple, totally comfortable with each other and completely in love. Both professionals, their life story has been perfect so far, from their first awkward meeting and their shared journey through the stages of love as defined by scientists at Rutgers. In case you aren’t familiar ...

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The Silence of Snow – Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

A man sits despondent in a chair

Writer: Mark Farrelly Director: Linda Marlowe Reviewer: John Kennedy Hagiography, visceral, warts n’ all dissection, Mark Farrelly’s, soul-gnawing, one man biographical portrait of Patrick Hamilton as literary furnace/self-destructive drinker for England, is a study of crafted intelligence, intimate research and empathic nuance. Even so, it’s a big ask to anticipate evoking anything other than contemptible antipathy for such an adulterous, ...

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Mozart and Salieri – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Composer/Libretto: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Musical Director: Andrew Charity Stage Director: Pamela Schermann Reviewer: John Kennedy Tonight’s performance, another first for the Old Joint Stock Theatre (OJS), reaffirms their ‘reverse-Tardis’ ethos - small on the inside/big thinking outside the box. London-based Time Zone Theatre, renowned for their eclectic and derring-do repertoire, premiere this seven venue tour at the OJS closing with an ...

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Labels – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Labels by Worklight Theatrwe

Writer: Joe Sellman-Leava Director: Katharina Reinthaller Reviewer: John Kennedy You’ve bought your vital vinyl Stones album at last. Problem – that hideous price label has to come off. But it leaves a tell-tale adhesive circular ghost mark mocking you. The Spectre at the feast forever spitting in your Goat's Head Soup. That's what labels do - damn you with the mark of Cain. ...

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Closer – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writer: Patrick Marber Director: Adam Lacey Reviewer:  John Kennedy Are truth and honesty the antidote to the disease of love’s mutual self-deception or does it just poison it more? This is a provocative and accomplished adaptation of Marber’s award-winning play. A spiral of spiritual and sexual politics where perfidy and infidelity appear to be the only policies our disparate, often ...

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The Tell-Tale Heart – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writers: The Company from the short story by Edgar Allan Poe Director: Adam Carver Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, The Tell-Tale Heart, seems to be a fragment of a conversation between two people, an unreliable narrator and another. The narrator is keen to prove his sanity but to do that he must admit to the murder of ...

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Two – Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

Greg Yates and Dawn Butler in Two

Writer: Jim Cartwright Director: Tim Jones Reviewer: Selwyn Knight   It’s a typical night in the pub. The landlord and his wife are efficient and welcoming, engaging the customers in banter as they drink. There’s ebb and flow as busy periods at the bar give way to lulls. And there is the miscellany of customers, each with their own story ...

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A Clockwork Orange – Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

Writer: Anthony Burgess Director: Adam Carver Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Anthony Burgess’ book published in 1962 follows Alex, the leader of a small gang in a dystopian near-future. In Alex’s hedonistic world, ‘ultra-violence’ is the norm, fuelled by milk laced with drugs in his favourite milkbar. It gained notoriety following the 1971 film adaptation by Stanley Kubrick that showed the violence ...

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