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Flashdance the Musical – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Book: Tom Hedley and Robert Carey   Music: Robbie Roth  Lyrics: Robert Carey and Robbie Roth  Director: Hannah Chissick Reviewer: Clare White In a simpler time of poodle perms and leg warmers, 80s dance films gave us many life lessons – that no one puts Baby in the corner, that we should hold out for a hero, and that ultimately love conquers all. (Thank ...

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Deathtrap – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

A man with a mace and a woman looking apprehension at a table

Writer: Ira Levin Director: Adam Penford Reviewer: John Kennedy Death doesn’t quite become this interpretation of Ira Levin’s Broadway blockbuster. Perhaps crime, shifting tides and times wait for no man or woman. Once prolific thriller playwright Sidney Bruhl (Paul Bradley) is facing writer’s block. He receives an unsolicited play-script from an admiring ex-student entitled Deathtrap; it is brilliant. Sidney shares alternative dark ...

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Son of a Preacher Man – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

A woman leans over a man bent backwards over a table

Book: Warner Brown Director and Choreographer: Craig Revel Horwood Reviewer: Selwyn Knight In the London of the Swinging 60s, we’re told, there was a legendary record shop. The shop was a magnet for the in-crowd, and the owner discovered he had a talent as an Agony Uncle, dispensing relationship advice even as he advised on the best of the latest ...

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West Side Story – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Book: Arthur Laurents Music: Leonard Bernstein Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim Director: Pollyann Tanner Reviewer: Carol Lovatt Stage Experience at the New Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham is an opportunity for young performers to showcase their talents in a professional setting and this year’s choice of the musical West Side Story, the iconic tale of the trials of youth is both inspirational and memorable.  ...

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The Crucible – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

A mand and woman stand facing one another, his hands on her arms

Writer: Arthur Miller Director: Douglas Rintoul Reviewer: John Kennedy ‘The Salem tragedy developed from a paradox…a paradox in whose grip we still live, and there is no prospect yet that we will discover its resolution.’ Arthur Miller was deceptively invited to testify before the House of Un-American Activities (HUAC) suspected/accused of being a communist. As with Salem’s self-appointed theocrats, such is the ...

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Dirty Dancing – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

A couple dancing in hold with another woman

Writer: Eleanor Bergstein Director: Federico Bellone Reviewer: John Kennedy With pyrotechnic pirouettes, reach for the stars diva diving gymnastics and the decade defining power-ballad The Time of My Life, the eponymous film remains rightly a shameless, polished chrome muscle car vanity mirror for guilty pleasures. It's slick, outrageously hip-swinging muscular dash and decibel bling panache still has sweaty, taut sinews quivering with lithesome ...

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The Wedding Singer – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

jon robyns wedding singer king's theatre glasgow

Book: Chad Beguelin and Tim Herlihy Music: Matthew Sklar Lyrics: Chad Beguelin Director: Nick Winston Reviewer: John Kennedy Based on the lucrative box office eponymous 1998 movie Rom-Com that, being generous, lent Adam Sandler’s career at least some ephemeral gravitas, the much lauded ‘chemistry’ between him and love interest, Drew Barrymore, became a water-cooler buzz topic. What actual chemicals they shared, ...

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Out of Order – New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Shaun Williamson and Andrew Hall in Out of Order

Writer & Director: Ray Cooney Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Ray Cooney is, surely, the master of British farce, writing many for the West End. And all are very British in nature, poking fun at our betters as they get into, and try to extricate themselves from, sticky situations. We can feel superior to the characters, some of whom are the authors of ...

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