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Nest  – Vault Festival, London

Writer: Katy Warner Director: Yasmeen Arden Reviewer: Richard Maguire Jade and Liam live in a decaying council block in an unnamed town. Druggies gather in the stairwells, and leave their used needles sticking into the bannisters. Gangs roam around the estate collecting shopping trolleys that they throw from the roof of the tower blocks. ‘What does it look like?’ Liam ...

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Mark Bruce Company: Macbeth – Wilton’s Music Hall, London

Choreographer and Director: Mark Bruce Reviewer: Scott Matthewman It is a coincidence of weather that walking to a dance version of Macbeth at Wilton’s Music Hall during the “Best from the East” cold spell makes one empathise about how it may feel to trudge across a blasted Highland heath, the cold wind biting at one’s extremities. One can only imagine ...

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A Princess Undone – Park Theatre, London

Writer: Richard Stirling Director: Jonny Kelly Reviewer: Stephen Bates When she died in 2002, Princess Margaret looked to have completed her slow journey towards becoming a footnote on the pages of British history. However, interest in the Queen’s younger sister has been rekindled by the Netflix series The Crown and now Richard Stirling’s new play takes a further look at ...

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The Lady With a Dog – White Bear Theatre, London

Original story: Anton Chekhov Adaptor and director: Mark Giesser Reviewer: Stephen Bates Starting with a short story written by Anton Chekhov in 1899, writer and director Mark Giesser has devised a play about marital infidelity in the mid-1920s that has the feel of Noël Coward. It hovers between the casual frivolity of Private Lives and the fraught, guilt-ridden romance of ...

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Foul Pages – Hope Theatre, London

Writer: Robin Hooper Director: Matthew Parker Reviewer: Stephen Bates All the World’s a stage in Robin Hooper’s new play, a bawdy romp set in 1603 when a production of As You Like It is being staged to please the newly-crowned King James I/VI.  The theatre, it seems, is the centre of everything in this tale of backstage backstabbing, political intrigue ...

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The Quantum Physics of my Heart – The Vaults, London

Writer: Amy Tobias Director: Roxy Cook Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty Amy Tobias and Roxy Cook know what an audience want in a theatre show. It begins with a warning that there will be some, but not too much, audience participation and includes some instructions on what do do with the “experiment bags” the audience is given - just so we know ...

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Strangers on a Train – Richmond Theatre, London

two men talking at a bar

Writer: Patricia Highsmith Adaptor: Craig Warner Director: Anthony Banks Reviewer: Joanna Trainor Is there such a thing as the perfect murder? Based on the 1950 novel by Patricia Highsmith, Craig Warner’s adaptation of Strangers on a Train comes to Richmond. When Guy Haines (Call the Midwife’s Jack Ashton) clinks glasses with fellow train passenger Charles Bruno (Chris Harper), he cannot ...

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Stud  – Vault Festival, London

Writer and Director: Paloma Oakenfold Reviewer: Richard Maguire The Vault Festival has now reached its halfway point, and, so far, has proved to be the place to see exciting new writing. The Festival is also hosting some courageous shows concerned with gay men in sport. Two weeks ago we had Gypsy Queen, which explored the relationship between two gay boxers, ...

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