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Bridle – Kings Head Theatre, London

  Writer: Stephanie Martin Director: Chloe Doherty Reviewer: Saoirse Anton “I’m just a bit much.” The heroine of Bridle is a modern woman. She is a feminist, a 21st Century feminist. She drinks, smokes, swears, spurns shame, and embraces her sexuality. She shows and tells the audience all of this, at the same time as telling an invisible and reticent ...

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Living a Little – King’s Head Theatre, London

Two men squaring off with baseball bat and sword

Writer: Finlay Bain Director: Jordan Murphy Reviewer: Stephen Bates "What's the point of surviving if you're not going to live a little?" asks Finlay Bain's irreverent hour-long post-apocalyptic comedy. This is the philosophy of Rob and Paul, survivors who are holed up in a chaotic flat as the world outside falls apart. Their strategy becomes to party like there is no tomorrow, ...

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Oliver Reed: Wild Thing – King’s Head Theatre, London

Writer: Mike Davis and Rob Crouch Director: Kate Bannister Reviewer: Maryam Philpott There are some well-known actors who are considerably more famous for their personal lives than for their film or theatre work. However talented they are, however skilled their performance, it is their drinking, womanising and hell-raising that first springs to mind when we think of their name. This ...

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Trumpageddon – King’s Head Theatre, London

Writer and performer: Simon Jay Director: Natalie Nardone Reviewer: Stephen Bates Suddenly it doesn't feel so funny anymore. A party-like atmosphere on the night of the American Presidential Election was generated, most thought, to celebrate the swan song of Simon Jay's one-man show, the title of which implies a comic collision of one man with his own destiny. Now, as the hangover sets in,we know ...

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Spitting Image – The King’s Head, London

Writer: Colin Spencer Director: Gareth Corke Reviewer: Scott Matthewman First staged in 1968, Colin Spencer’s play Spitting Image came a year after the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales was notable for its depiction of a same-sex pairing living together as a couple, still a rarity in a theatre world where gay people tended to be depicted onstage as ...

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Freud: The Musical – King’s Head Theatre, London

Writer: Natasha Sutton-Williams Director: Dominic McHale Reviewer: Deborah Parry Fans of the TV show Friends will probably recall (fondly) one of Joey's infamous hilarious theatrical roles where he played the eponymous character in Freud the Musical – to clarify, this version (being staged at the King's Head Theatre as part of its #festival46 of new writing) is not that. Instead, ...

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Soul of Wittgenstein – King’s Head Theatre, London

Writer: Ron Elisha Director: Dave Spencer Reviewer: Stephen Bates At first glance, Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), an Austrian-born philosopher, would not seem to be an obvious subject for a comedy, albeit one tinged with tragedy. However, this remarkably accomplished new 70-minute play by established Australian playwright Ron Elisha dispels doubts very quickly. Of Jewish descent and, for three of his childhood ...

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Turf – King’s Head Theatre, London

Writer:Margaret Perry Director:Ellen Buckley Reviewer: Stephen Bates Getting a foot on the London housing ladder can be tough, but Eddie scrimped and saved for six years and got himself a house and garden rolled into one. So why is he so unhappy? Margaret Perry’s one-act supernatural comedy is getting its premiere as part of Festival46, the King’s Head Theatre’s new ...

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